Estates Theatre Prague - opera, ballet and drama

Tickets for Prague opera, ballet and drama with English subtitles in the Estates Theatre

Tickets for Prague sightseeing tours 

Walk up to the Prague Castle with your guide. Cherish the moments and enjoy the views of Prague. Book a Prague Castle concert. While strolling around Jewish Quarter, check out regular classical music concerts in the Spanish Synagogue. Tired of walking? Go on a sightseeing bus ride! It's comfortable and you get to see the best Prague sights! And if you're tired of grou tours, buy a tour with private guide instead. 

Prague classical music concerts 

Music heals and the classical music concerts in Prague offer a tranquil way out of the mundane world...Check concerts in Rudolfinum, the home seat of the Czech Philharmonic, a must-see in Prague. Orchestral or chamber classical music concerts take place also in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House. The interior and exterior is divine. Klementinum complex holds regular classical music concerts - visit Prague churches and chapels!

Prague popular jazz clubs 

Great live jazz and blues, world music, perfect atmosphere, cool jazz clubs. That's Prague jazz scene for you! Jazz Dock is our favorite Prague jazz club just beacuse it's on the Vltava river and the mood there is great! Legendary Reduta Jazz Club will take you back in time and Agharta Jazz Club is just a few steps from the Old Town Square! And features great Czech and international musicians. All jazz clubs offers some nibbles to go with your drink.