Prague jazz clubs and jazz concerts - program and tickets

Live jazz and blues concerts with Czech musicians. Jazz Dock, Reduta Jazz Club, Jazz Boat.


Experimental groove music

Original compositions on the border between jazz, rock and electronics by Muff at Jazz Dock

January 29 | 20:00 (Sat)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 8 € (200 CZK)

Emil Viklický Trio

Modern jazz

Emil Viklický Trio: a leading Czech jazz pianist deliver the best jazz. Piano, double bass, drums.

January 29 | 20:30 (Sat)
Duration: 180 minutes
from 10 € (250 CZK)

Prague Dixieland Ensemble


Don't miss the perfect interpretation of pure music from the early years of jazz.

January 30 | 15:00 (Sun)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 5 € (120 CZK)

Tomáš Hobzek Quartet

Modern jazz

The original and creative band of drummer Tomáš Hobzek plays fresh modern jazz with elements of avantgarde and experimental music. 

January 30 | 20:00 (Sun)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 7 € (170 CZK)

Lenka Nová

Alternative pop - chanson

Enjoy alternative pop - chanson by Lenka Nová - her unmistakable voice will get under your skin.

January 31 | 20:00 (Mon)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 14 € (350 CZK)

30. 1. 2022: The Best of Swan Lake

Watch the stunning Best of Swan Lake performance in Hybernia Theatre located in the city centre just opposite the Municipal House performed by esteemed dancers - soloists of leading Czech ballet scenes (in chamber cast). 

Concert program and tickets

Prague jazz concerts 

Czech jazz expanded during 1950´s and 1960´s and Reduta Jazz Club, the first permanent Prague jazz stage, was established. The centre of golden Prague buzzes with jazz! Jazz music concerts are the best way to enjoy  Prague´s most attractive areas, great food & beer and a fine cultural experience at the same time. You can choose from a variety of jazz concerts. We personally love Jazz DockJazz Centre AghaRTA or Prague Jazz Boat.

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Fall in love with Prague Castle. Wander around the historical Prague centre, while sipping a nice cup of coffee or a proper Czech lager. WWII Prague Tours will tell you about the operation Anthropoid. Walk in the magical Lesser Town with your private guide. Visit a classical music concert in St. Nicholas Church just below the Prague Castle. Take a popular Jewish Quarter tour, see the synagogues and find out about Golem. 

Tours from Prague

Day trips from Prague in group or privately. We chosse the best tour operators for you! Visit the spa town Karlovy Vary and taste the healing hot springs. Day trip to Český Krumlov is filled with picturesque views, so have your camera handy! In the evening, visit Café Mozart where you can dine while listening to live music. For a folk night with Czech traditional cuisine and songs (and unlimited wine or beer) we recommend Restaurant U Marčanů.