Smetana Hall in Municipal House - concert program and tickets

Smetana Hall offers top classical music concerts in one of the most beautiful Prague concert halls.

Prague Municipal House

Prague Municipal House and its splendid main hall, named after famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana, will take your breath away. Attend one of the Municipal House classical concerts. Book your tickets for the concert in Smetana Hall.

Prague Laterna Magika

We encourage you to go on a voyage to the magical and mysterious world of Laterna magica. A synthesis of pantomime, dance, music, film and black light theatre. Original works. Great for both adults and children. 

Prague National Theatre plays

Great for our foreigner commrades living in Prague or just visiting for a few days wanting to try something different: the National Theatre & Estates Theatre feature regular nights with Czech and international plays with English subtitles.