Rudolfinum Czech Philharmonic Chamber Ensembles

Czech Philharmonic chamber concerts in Rudolfinum. The most acclaimed orchestra in the Czech Republic. Czech and world composers. Main hall in Rudolfinum.

Czech Chamber Music Society

Josef Špaček - violin, Miroslav Sekera - piano

Enjoy the mastery of violin virtuoso Josef Špaček, long-time concert master of the Czech Philhamonic and his great co-player, pianist Miroslav Sekera

July 10 | 19:30 (Fri)
Duration: 60 minutes
from 13 € (350 CZK)

Czech Chamber Music Society

Jan Mráček - violin, Lukáš Klánský - piano

Member of the Czech Philhamonic, violinist Jan Mráček and great pianist Lukáš Klánský play Brahms, Smetana, Bartók and more

July 19 | 15:00 (Sun)
Duration: 60 minutes
from 13 € (350 CZK)

Regular concerts in the famous Rudolfinum 

Members of Czech Philharmonic will show you the best, less known and to the general public unknown compositions of Czech and international classical composers. Listen to top Czech musicians all year round. 

Top chamber classical music in Prague 

The ensemble´s repertoire consists of original works and arrangements. Hear the valuable compositions of the great masters of which some of them are performed sporadically. Enjoy the rich musical diversity. 

Visiting Prague, the great host of classical music 

Thinking of where to go or what to do in Prague? Prague is the great choice of a city which offers daily concerts of classical music. The capital is famous for its remarkable atmosphere sparkled with history.

Rudolfinum Czech Philharmonic Chamber

Komorní koncerty České filharmonie v Rudolfinu - Náhled

Summer concerts 2020

Czech Philharmonic presents a new series called Summer concerts performed by Czech Philharmonic orchestra members. From June to August there will be 25 various programmes available in the main hall of Rudolfinum. Take a look!

St. James Basilica Organ Festival in Prague

Varhanní festival v bazilice sv. Jakuba - Náhled

August-September 2020

Beautiful performances on the largest organ in Prague (and second largest in Czech Republic). St. James Basilica presents the 25th edition of the famous international organ festival. The church is situated in the beating heart of Prague.

Prague Dinner Concerts - classical and jazz

Prague Dinner Concerts - classical and jazz - preview image

Enjoy an unforgettable dinner with live music in Prague. Jazz, classical, traditional. Some great Prague event venues such as Boccaccio Hall or Jazz Boat. Romantic ambiance. Great musicians. Exquisite meal. Choice is yours.

Klementinum classical music concerts in Prague

Koncerty klasické hudby v Klementinu - Náhled

All year round: Klementinum Mirror Chapel, Klementinum St. Salvator Church or Klementinum St. Clement Cathedral offer regular concerts of classical music. Orchestral or chamber concerts often accompanied by organ.

Tickets for Sightseeing Tours in Prague

Tickets for Sightseeing Tours in Prague   - preview image

Discover the beauty of Prague and Czech Republic. We offer walking tours, boat trips, bus excursions. Art tours, running tours. Learn about rich Czech history. Private or group tours. Local guides, great knowledge.

Group Discounts

Skupinové slevy - Náhled

We offer group discounts

Are you a group of 10+ people? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to negotiate the best price for you. Simply choose the event and we will take care of the rest.

Gift Certificates

Dárkové poukazy - Náhled

Special Present

Is someone precious to you planning a trip to Prague? Why don´t you surprise them with a unique present! We are pleased to offer you Via Musica Gift Certificate.

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