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It is our goal to offer you a great experience at Prague Classical Music Concerts, Opera, Ballet, Jazz Concerts or Black Light Theatres. Here are a few tips for you: 

With your ticket you are always guaranteed a seat!

Many tickets for classical music concerts in Prague are sold as „open“ or „free“ seating tickets.
Buying a ticket you do not reserve a row and a seat, only a number of tickets at a given price. Clients chose their seats directly in the concert hall upon their arrival to the concert. This system is used primarily for concerts in Prague churches where visitors are seated in pews.
Also many Prague Black Light Theatres and all  Prague Jazz Clubs offer open seating. Do not worry though, with your ticket you are always guaranteed a seat!

For open or free seating concerts you will be offered a seat upon entering the concert hall. Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica recommends to drive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the concert. That way you have a better chance to get a seat you want. 

Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica recommends to get seats in the center of the concert hall offering the best acoustic experience. Sitting in the first row need not always be the best option. This is especially true for Black Light Theatre performances where a greater distance offers better experience and overview. On the other hand, at chamber and Jazz Concerts small distance and seats in the front rows promise more intensive experience. 

Note that Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica can negotiate discount for orders of more than 10 tickets

depending on the number of requested tickets. If you are interested in more than 10 tickets and you are willing to wait for our reply please contact us by email at tickets@viamusica.cz specifying which tickets you are interested in. We will negotiate the discount with the event organizer and will contact you promptly with a reply. Please, see - Group Discounts.

Visiting Prague with children Black Light Theatre is a great experience!

Some performances end late at night, eg. jazz concerts that may end well after midnight. Please rest assured that you needn’t worry for your safety as Prague is one of the safest tourist destinations and you are not in danger walking the streets late at night. The only threat you may face in Prague is that present in many other European cities, ie. pickpockets and night-time taxi drivers. We recommend you to order a taxi through the jazz club waiting staff.



There is no dress code required for any of the classical music concerts in Prague.
However, especially in the summer months we recommend to dress with respect, primarily when attending a church concert and concert halls. There are no restrictions when visiting a Prague Black Light theatre or a Prague Jazz Club.



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Romeo and Juliet - ballet 25/02/2017 19:30 Hybernia Theatre
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The Best of Mozart and Dvorak 21/02/2017 18:00 Municipal House - Art Nouveau Hall
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Bolero, Carmina Burana 21/02/2017 17:30 Spanish Synagogue
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