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What is The Black Light Theatre?

The Black Light Theatre is a unique and popular spectacle that will blow you away with its beauty, visual artistry and non-verbal intelligibility.

a sample of black light theatre performance here!  

Prague Black Light Theatre will captivate both you and your offspring! In principle, the black light theatre actually relies on one simple optical illusion called „black box trick.“ This illusion profits from a weakness of human eye. Actors dressed in black cannot be seen against black background. On the other hand, all the other actors in costumes can be seen quite well. Actors in black use various props and objects. These objects are lit by an ultraviolet light or by moving spotlights. Actors themselves cannot be seen though and so objects seem to be moving on their own and actors in costumes make you believe they can fly!

The Black Light Theatre in Prague charms both little and grown-up viewers! It is a blend of kinetics, dance, music and the non-verbal theatre production. The Black Light Theatre is an excellent choice if you are travelling to Prague with children.

Nowadays, Prague is a center of the Black Light Theatre which flourished especially in the 90’s after the so called Velvet Revolution. Many Czech artists started to further develop Black Light Theatre and promote it on Czech theatre stages. Feel free to choose from many wonderful performances of Black Light Theatre in Prague. Prague Ticket Office offers you tickets for an incredible amount of Prague Black Light Theatre performances. It is up to you to choose your favourite performance.

There are several Black Light Theatres in Prague now -  The world-famous Laterna Magica, with its modern building New scene in Prague that became part of the National Theatre. Laterna Magica uses new technologies, digital projection, new media ( including real time programmable software ) together with acting, ballet, dance, singing on stage, etc.


The popular Image Theatre, the oldest and most famous Jiri Srnec Theatre in the Savarin Palace, Ta Fantastika Theatre with its superb stage design, Metro Theatre , Black Light Theatre of Prague,  Wow, the modern Black Light Theatre  or the Black Light Theatre Hilt that moved to the Theatre U Valsu.

The Black Light Theatre dates back to the old days of China when its principle was used in magic shadow performances using candlelight. In 18th century shadow theatre made its way to Japan where it was integrated into traditional japanese puppet theatre under the name of „Bunraku.“ A French avantgarde artist Georg Lafaille is considered to bet he founder of modern Black Light Theatre. He started The Black Light Theatre in France in 1950 and in 1955 Czech pupeteers imported it from France to Czechoslovakia.
In the sixties an outstanding Czech artist Jiri Srnec brought the Czech Black Light Theatre to its perfection gaining worldwide acclaim for his performances at many international Black Light Theatre festivals.
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