Prague´s most stylish cafés

Explore the rich and complex world of Czechs in Prague's cafés 

One of the best ways to enjoy Prague is to choose a nice café, sip a cup of tea or coffee and observe the buzz around you. Many Czechs go to cafés to play chess, discuss the current politics, well just as others do in their hometowns, it's deeply ingraned in us and perhaps more so as during the Communist regime cafés were one of a few places where people often discussed politics even when there were spies around...

Below you'll find list of the most famous Prague's cafés we're happy to recommend and have visited many times. The genius loci of these cafés is palpable. 

Café Louvre
Municipal House Café 
Café Imperial
Café NONA Laterna magika 

Café Louvre 

The iconic café in the centre of Prague opened in 1902 and still offers an unmistakeable atmosphere which is sought after by people across all classes. In the past, Czech writer Karel Čapek, Albert Einstein, artist Jan Zrzavý and Franz Kafka were regular guests of the Café Louvre. Even nowadays you can notice many cultural and political personas having a drink or sharing a meal. In the café you can also enjoy a lovely afternoon "Five o'clock tea" with black teas, sweet pastries and sandwiches or a have a game or two of billiards. 

Why we love Café Louvre: 

  • The grand café is vibrant and full of life, spacious, and the place is filled with history
  • The café offers large selection of beverages
  • The cuisine is delicious. From breakfast and lunch to dinner and desserts, the chefs of café Louvre prepare exquisite food. We absolutely love the warm apple strudel...yummy! 
  • The service is superb - polite and warm. We always feel welcome and looked after
  • We simply love the area as well as the feeling we sit where perhaps Franz Kafka used to sit. Imagine!

Cultural places and events to visit nearby: 

Reduta Jazz Club - famous jazz club is located literally next to the Café Louvre. 
Black Light Theatre Image  - popular black light theatre just opposite the Café. Simply walk across the street. 
National Theatre - you'll find the theatre a few hundreds meters away. Worth a visit if you've never seen an opera or are an avid opera visiter who wishes to explore the Czech and world opera. 


Národní 22 
Prague 1, 110 00

Municipal House Café 

The café is located on the ground floor of the Municipal House, the Art Nouveau pride. The interior boasts large windows, high ceilings and crystal chandeliers. At the head of the café is a  fountain with a marble relief of a nymph. Even if you're in Prague for a short period of time, we highly recommend getting a coffee at the Municipal House Café. Forget the present, dive deep into the past. What an experience.

Why we love Municipal House Café: 

  • The café menu offers a large selection of coffees, teas, drinks, homemade cakes (you choose the one you want from a cake stand and the waiter brings it to you), salads, light meals, sandwiches, and desserts (TIP: for a dinner, visit the Municipal House Restaurant, café serves only light meals)
  • If you want to indulge yourself and really experience something out of this world, you must visit the café. It's simply classy on all levels
  • In the evening you can enjoy a piano sessions. It's very relaxing
  • The café brings us back to the 1920's

Cultural places and events to visit nearby: 


5 Obecní dům, Náměstí Republiky 1090
Prague 1, 110 00

Café Imperial 

OK. This is a next level, cherry on a cake, absolute class. Part of Art Deco Imperial Hotel Prague, the café is one of the most famous traditional cafes in Prague and a prominent place to visit. Composer Leoš Janáček or writer Franz Kafka were guests of the Café Imperial as well...The atmosphere is enhanced by it's original Art Nouveau ceramic wall decorations and mosaic ceilings from 1914. Since the café is quite busy, we recommend making a reservation beforehand. Café co-owner Zdeněk Pohlreich is renowned chef in Czechia so apart of coffee you can imagine the heavenly dishes awaiting. 

Why we love Imperial Café: 

  • The first republic atmosphere and the decorations are out of this world
  • The cuisine is top notch. Great place for anniversaries, celebrations, this café is just so unique
  • You can also have a breakfast, lunch or dinner, the café is a first-rate restaurant people are queuing to visit
  • We expect nothing less than perfection and that's what we always get
  • The venue is absolutely a must-see in Prague

Cultural places and events to visit nearby: 

  • Municipal House Smetana Hall - another gem of Art Nouveau architecture only a few minutes away from the café. Go for an evening orchestral concert of classical music.
  • St. James Basilica - spiritual centre of Prague, approx. 15 mins. walk from the café. 
  • Agharta Jazz Centre - jazz club with a lovely atmosphere by the Old Town Square 


Na Poříčí 1072/15
Prague 1, 110 00

Café NONA Laterna magika 

And here we've something special for you. The alternative café is located on the 2nd floor in the building of the Laterna magika - The New Stage and next to the National Theatre and it offers lovely views of the Národní street, friendly atmosphere and large bar.

Why we love Café NONA:

  • We love the unique feeling about this place
  • They have a great selection of lemonades! Try pear & rosemary
  • It has an academic vibe. You'll be surrounded by students, intellectuals and theatre visitors

Cultural places and events to visit nearby: 


Národní 1393/4
Prague 1, 110 00

Czech National Symphony Orchestra concerts

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Czech Philharmonic concerts

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Rudolfinum - Orchestra Collegium 1704

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Season 2024-2025

Hear the renowned Czech ensemble with a focus on early music. Listen to works by J. D. Zelenka, J. S. Bach, J. Ph. Rameau, and other masters in a captivating interpretation. Treat yourself to the best of Baroque music in Dvořák's Rudolfinum Hall.

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August-September 2024

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Spanish Synagogue & Maisel Synagogue

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Chamber classical music concerts in the impressive Prague synagogues located in the Jewish Quarter, Old Town. Admire the interiors, enjoy the music delivered by esteemed Czech musicians. Feel the history all around you.

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