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Step-by-step instructions how to buy tickets:

1. Select an event
2. Select the number of tickets and the price, Add to cart 
3. Fill in Payment Information
4. Pay with your credit card by 3D secure system or use PayPal
5. Print your e-tickets or collect your tickets in person in Via Musica shop 

Please note:
Before purchasing the tickets we recommend you to read Terms and Conditions that are binding for all purchases.
There is a 20 minutes time limit for buying tickets. From the moment you add tickets to your shopping cart, you have 20 minutes to carry out the payment. During this time selected tickets are blocked in your favour and other customers do not have access to them. If you do not buy selected tickets within 20 minutes they will become available for sale again, your order will be automatically cancelled and you would need to repeat the purchase process.

After the payment, kindly wait to be redirected back to 

1. Select an event

There are several ways you can select an event:

1. Classical music, Opera and BalletJazz music or Black Light theatre - click on the pictogram
2. Start Search - choose the dates in the calendar. You can select a particular day or a period from-to. You may also select an event category in Genre and/or search according to Venue type.
3. Fulltext Search - fill in the term to search
4. Show All Events button in the middle of the page - choose from our complete offer
5. Events - schedule of all concerts and performances, listed chronologically
6. Venues - list of all Prague´s artistic venues - on a card of a particular venue you may check more detailed info about the venue, its location on the map and a photo gallery. Below the venue details you will find the list of Upcoming events held here.

2. Select the number of tickets and the price 

There are three types of concert tickets depending on the venue layout:

1. Open Seating is an option allowing you to sit anywhere you want, the seats are without numbers. With this option, we recommend to arrive to the venue 20 minutes in advance so that you can chose your seats without hassle.
2. Category Seating  
In this case, you select your seat within several rows, eg. from 1st to 5th row, and in this category you can freely choose your seat after you get to the venue. In this case, we also recommend to arrive 20 minutes in advance to chose a seat according to your preferences.
3. Numbered Seating
You choose a particular row and seat. In this case, you have the particular seat guaranteed and can come only shortly before the event beginning.

The procedure is similar for all three options listed above - select the price category and the number of tickets and by clicking the plus add the number of tickets you wish to buy. Confirm your order by clicking the Add to cart button. From this moment, the 20 minute limit for the ticket purchase runs. A reservation of tickets has been made in your favor and you have 20 minutes tu buy them. When this time runs out your order is cancelled and the tickets are available for sale again.
To go on with the purchase click the Proceed to Checkout button which will take you to the Shopping Cart Content. At this point you may check what tickets you have selected. You can go back and select more tickets by clicking the Go Back button. To remove the tickets click on the red cross on the right. If you are satisfied with your selection please continue by clicking the Go to Order button.

3. Fill in Payment Information

After you select your tickets it is necessary to fill in a simple form listing your name and a valid and correct e-mail address, optionally also a telephone number.  
At this point, you also choose the way you wish to get your tickets:
Buy online and print e-Tickets - you print the tickets yourself. You can do so immediately after the payment directly from the website, or from the attachment of the confirmation email sent to you after the payment.
Buy online and collect tickets in person in Via Musica shop - you buy your ticket online and collect it in person in Via Musica shop any time before the concert beginning. Upon purchasing tickets you will receive a confirmation email with your unique order number. 
Present this number and your ID when collecting ticket in Via Musica shop:

Please mind the opening hours of the shop:
November - March: 10:00 - 18:00
April - October: 10:00 - 20:00

After filling out the form click on Continue
Order Summary - please check all listed information and confirm your agreement with the purchase Terms and Conditions. Please, read these terms carefully as they guarantee you a safe, quick and easy ticket purchase. Then proceed to payment.

To purchase tickets via 3D Secure Payment gateweay - please select the card type you wish to pay with.

Online Payment Form - at this point you are actually purchasing the tickets. Please note that the payment is carried out in Czech korunas. Prior to the payment, please check the exchange rate of your currency in which you are to buy the tickets to the Czech korunas. All financial transactions are conducted according to the exchange rate of the bank on the date and at the moment of the financial transaction. Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica has no responsibility for the exchange rate fluctuation. After successful payment you will receive a confirmation from the bank.
PayPal - If you choose to use PayPal, you will be redirected to site. PayPal securely processes payments for Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica. Please note that payment via PayPal, you must have already set up your PayPal account. For payment via PayPal, follow the instructions on the Paypal website.

Please note that after payment you will need to wait to be redirected back to Prague Ticket Office website. This may take a few seconds. Your tickets will then be available on Prague Ticket Office website and also sent to your email address.

Order completed - you have paid for the tickets and immediately you are offered option to print your tickets by clicking on Print e-Tickets button. You will also recieve shortly a confirmation email at the email address you provided within the purchase process.

5.  Print your e-Tickets or collect tickets in person in Via Musica shop

Print your e-Tickets - print your tickets by clicking on Print e-Tickets button or from the confirmation email.

Buy online and collect tickets in person in Via Musica shop - you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided within the purchase process. In this email you will find your order number. Please, provide the order number with your ID in the Via Musica shop and our staff will print your tickets. Please note that without the ID and the order number we cannot hand out the tickets.

Please mind the opening hours of the shop:
November - March: 10:00 - 18:00
April - October: 10:00 - 20:00

Please have your tickets with you when entering the event venue. Without the tickets, you wouldn´t be allowed to enter.
Each ticket is valid only for one person. Please read all information printed on the ticket carefully. In case you need any further assistance, at the bottom of the ticket you will find contact information. Have a great time in Prague and enjoy the event! 

Prague Symphony Orchestra Concerts

Prague Symphony Orchestra Concerts - preview image

June 2018 to June 2019

The best of Prague classical music - Prague Symphony Orchestra concerts! Look forward to S. Rachmaninoff, J. S. Bach, Jose Cura, A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, organ recitals and more. Classical music in Prague - make the most of your cultural experience!

Prague Proms Festival 2018

Prague Proms Festival 2018 - preview image

June until July 2018

The outstanding orchestral concerts in the Smetana Hall and Hybernia Theatre are not to be missed. The world known orchestras, conductors and soloists such as Christian Lindberg or Monica Mancini will perform. Book now!

Bach for All International Festival

 Bach for All International Festival  - preview image

June until July 2018

Spend your holiday in Prague with the classical music festival celebrating life and works of the most famous Baroque composer J.S. Bach. The concerts take place at the most beautiful churches in Prague. Book now!

Dvořák Prague International Festival

Dvořák Prague International Festival - preview image

September 2018

Highly acclaimed classical music festival where top soloists, conductors and the most internationally praised orchestras are presenting works by Antonín Dvořák and other composers in Prague´s finest venues. Not to be missed!

Listen and Dine

Listen and Dine - preview image

Music and dinner in Prague. Jazz, classical, traditional. Some great Prague event venues. Exquisite meal. Choice is yours.

Group Discounts

Group Discounts - preview image

We offer group discounts

Are you a group of 10+ people? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to negotiate the best price for you. Simply choose the event and we will take care of the rest.

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