Must - see classical music concerts in Prague

What to see in Prague? 

Visit classical music concert in Prague  

1. The best thing to do in Prague is to visit a classical music concert. Because Prague is the Mekka of classical music
2. Appreciate orchestral or chamber concerts in the stunning Smetana Hall in the Municipal House. 
3. Get your tickets for concerts in Dvořák Hall in Rudolfinum. It has a fantastic accoustic! 
4. Feel the magic of the Church of our Lady before Týn while listening to chamber music. 

Get your tickets for the opera and ballet in Prague

1. Buy tickets for your favourite opera and ballet performance.
2. Visit the Estates Theatre linked with W. A. Mozart. His opera Don Giovanni was composed especially for Prague. 
3. Delight in the ballet performances at the National Theatre.
4. You must see the Prague State Opera! It is a cherry on a cake for all opera lovers. 

Attend a black light theatre show in Prague

1. Do something unique: Prague black light theatre is a one of a kind show! 
2. Buy your tickets for the first black light theatre in the world: the Black Light Theatre of Jiří Srnec 
3. Travelling with kids? Black light theatre performances are suitable for both adults and children.
4. Don't miss Laterna magica: the theatre combines both black light theatre and a unique blend of multi media theatre. 

Have fun at one of many jazz and blues evenings

1. Find your favorite jazz and blues club.
2. Check out jazz clubs in Prague: AghaRTA Jazz Centre or Reduta Jazz Club are top! 
3. Fall in love with Jazz Dock - perfect jazz harbour by the Vltava river. 
4. Get into Czech mood at Restaurant U Marčanů! Perfect food, plenty of wine and beer and traditional Czech music. 

Find your favourite place in Prague or Czech Republic

1. Choose your favourite sightseeing tour and let Prague capture you. Group tours or private tours. 
2. Walk with the tour guide on the historic Charles Bridge.
3. Explore the Prague Castle.
4. Discover Czech Republic. Book a day trip from Prague

Romantic Valentine´s Day in Prague

Romantic Valentine´s Day in Prague - preview image

The best Valentine present: treat yourself & your Valentine to trip to Prague. Pick your favorite thing to do: choose from events with delicious meals & divine classical music, movie music or playful jazz. Visit Bocaccio Hall or the world famous Jazz Club Reduta.

Concerts with dinner in Prague

Concerts with dinner in Prague - preview image

Enjoy dinner with live music in Prague. In the splendid Boccaccio Hall of Grandhotel Bohemia, you will dine listening to Mozart´s arias. Or will you prefer a great night with a traditional meal, folklore music, and wine at the restaurant U Marčanů? The choice is yours.

Prague Symphony Orchestra Concerts

Prague Symphony Orchestra Concerts - preview image

Season 2021 - 2022

Look forward to brilliantly played symphonies, organ and piano recitals, chamber music and more. Concerts in Smetana Hall of Municipal House and other splendid venues. Check the rich program!

Czech National Symphony Orchestra concerts

Czech National Symphony Orchestra concerts - preview image

Prague Proms Festival 2021 - 2022 & Concerts of the CNSO bring you the top concerts in Smetana Hall of Municipal House. Enjoy great musicians, the top blend of classical or film music. Enjoy the Wild Symphony of Dan Brown in Municipal House.

Rudolfinum - Concerts of Baroque music

Rudolfinum - Concerts of Baroque music  - preview image

Collegium 1704: Hear the renowned Czech ensemble with a focus on early music. Listen to works by J. D. Zelenka, J. S. Bach, J. Ph. Rameau, and other masters in a captivating interpretation. Treat yourself to the best of Baroque music in Dvořák's Rudolfinum Hall.

Concerts in Smetana Hall of Municipal House

Concerts in Smetana Hall of Municipal House - preview image

The Smetana Hall is the most important hall of the Municipal House in Prague. During classical concerts held here, you may enjoy the splendour and beautiful decorations of this Art Nouveau jewel of Prague architecture.

Czech Philharmonic - Rudolfinum

Czech Philharmonic - Rudolfinum  - preview image

The Czech Philharmonic celebrates its 125th anniversary. The most noteworthy orchestra in Czech Republic presents a new series of concerts. You can appreciate the outstanding acoustics of Dvořák and Suk Hall in Rudolfinum. A must-see in Prague!

Festival Czech Touches of Music 2022

Festival Czech Touches of Music 2022 - preview image

The international Festival Czech Touches of Music is among the most renowned festivals in the Czech Republic. The top works of classical music are performed in historically valuable halls. The program offers grand orchestral concerts as well as captivating chamber music.

Prague Opera Program and Tickets

Prague Opera Program and Tickets - preview image

Czech opera: full schedule and tickets for the best opera performances at the National Theatre, State Opera and the Estates Theatre in Prague. Esteemed opera soloists and orchestra in splendid venues will make your stay in Prague memorable!

Prague Ballet Program and Tickets

Prague Ballet Program and Tickets - preview image

We bring you the full schedule and tickets for the best Czech ballet company performances at magnificent scenes of Prague National Theatre, State Opera, the Estates Theatre and chamber ballets at Prague Theatre Hybernia.

Laterna magika program and tickets

Laterna magika program and tickets - preview image

Legendary project of Laterna Magika is a Czech-unique, a show combining elements of film and live acting performances! Enjoy the journey to the fantastic world of the Laterna magika, a synthesis of pantomime, dance, music, film and black light theatre.

National Theatre drama with subtitles

National Theatre drama with subtitles - preview image

Want to see some drama? Plays in Prague in the National Theatre and Estates Theatre offer Czech and international plays performed by the renowned Czech actors. Enjoy the top quality experience! Plays are foreigner friendly - with English subtitles.

Spanish Synagogue & Maisel Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue & Maisel Synagogue - preview image

Chamber classical music concerts in the impressive Prague synagogues located in the Jewish Quarter, Old Town. Admire the interiors, enjoy the music delivered by esteemed Czech musicians.

Popular Organ concerts in Prague

Popular Organ concerts in Prague  - preview image

List of all spiritual, sacred, organ or chamber concerts in the most famous churches in Prague center with astonishing architecture and exterior. Most of them have unique organ instruments from Baroque period.

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