Prague Castle classical music concerts - program and tickets

Prague Castle concerts at the Prague Castle complex. Basilica of St. George. Lobkowicz Palace. St. Vitus Cathedral. Feel the history.

Prague Castle concerts

Include a chamber classical music concert at Prague Castle Basilica of St. George as a part of your Prague experience. Summer international organ festival takes place at Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral. Rest your mind at Prague Castle Lobkowicz Palace

Prague opera and ballet 

The prime stages of Czech Republic: visit the historical buildings of Prague National Theatre, Prague State Opera and Estates Theatre. Operas and ballets by the Czech and international composers - classic or modern adaptions. Enjoy the moment!

Czech folklore, music and drinks

Taste the traditional Czech cuisine, enjoy the unlimited consumption of wine or beer and have fun at the authentic folk evenings at Restaurant U Marčanů. Fantastic experience you won't easily forget. Dance, eat, have a blast. The service is supreme.