Classical Music Concerts in Prague

Tickets for concerts in the Klementinum St. Salvator Church, Klementinum Mirror Chapel and Tyn Church in the Old Town Square

Klementinum St. Salvator Church 

The 18th century church organ used to be played by world renowned composers Jan Dismas Zelenka or Jakub Jan Ryba. The church is a part of the former Jesuit college Klementinum and was founded in the 16th and completed in the 17th century. 

Klementinum Mirror Chapel 

A lovely sanctuary located in the center of Prague, in the Klementinum complex, literally just around the corner from the Klementinum St. Salvator Church. Built in 1725, the chapel houses two organs located on each side of the chapel. 

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn 

Hear the oldest organ in Prague at the Tyn Church. Originally a smaller church was standing at the gate of "Tyn", in the 14th century it was replaced and during the Hussite times the Tyn Church was the most important church in town.