Laterna magika on the New Stage of National Theatre

Take a journey to the fantastic world of Laterna magika. A synthesis of pantomime, dance, music, film and black light theatre.

Klementinum Mirror Chapel 

Built in 1725, the Klementinum Mirror Chapel is a unique sanctuary and one of the churches of the former Jesuit college, Prague Klementinum. Regular classical music concerts with acclaimed Czech musicians are performed in Mirror Chapel. 

Klementium St. Clement Cathedral 

Admire the interior decorations of Klementinum St. Clement Cathedral created, among others, by the most famous Czech Baroque sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun or equally famous painter Petr Brandl.

Klementinum St. Salvator Church 

Listen to the beautiful sound of the 18th century organ played by Jan Dismas Zelenka or Jakub Jan Ryba at Klementinum St. Salvator Church. Esteemed musicians including the National Theatre soloists perform at the church frequently.