Jazz Dock


Jazz - electronics - grooves

During the time of the pandemic in 2021 three old friends formed a new band with the idea of exploring new sonic possibilities and illuminating rhythm and harmony in a different way.

June 27 | 21:00 (Mon)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 12 € (300 CZK)

Turumtay/Erdogan/Liška/Dés (CZ/TR/HU)

World music

Original compositions of Turumtay, Liska, Dés and Erdogan shows the audience a through-line between seemingly disparate worlds and reminds us that great music is international.

June 28 | 21:00 (Tue)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 10 € (250 CZK)

Meet Young Czech Talents!

Jazz Conservatory

Don’t miss this chance to hear the next generation of musicians who are the future of the Czech jazz scene.

June 30 | 19:00 (Thu)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 7 € (170 CZK)