Jazz Dock

František Kop Quartet

Modern jazz

The range of styles of the original compositions is expansive thanks to the group’s varied musical influences: blues, funk, Latino and free jazz

March 04 | 20:00 (Mon)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 8 € (200 CZK)

Mahan Mirarab

Original jazz – world music

Mahan Mirarab merges European chamber music with contemporary jazz, thereby creating a unique interpretation of Iranian classical music.

March 07 | 20:00 (Thu)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 15 € (350 CZK)

Top Dream Company

Funk - soul

The band will charm the audience with waves of energy, groove and perfectly synced horn section. TDC dedicate their March concert in Jazz Dock to all women!

March 08 | 20:00 (Fri)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 24 € (580 CZK)

Renata Drössler


Renata Drössler:"I let people into my soul because I want them to find their peace. So that they can find the courage to get out of bed in the morning and face the world again."

March 10 | 20:00 (Sun)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 17 € (400 CZK)