21octobre 2021 (jeu.)

The Bladderstones

Jazz Dock | Musique jazz

120 minutes | Disponible

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Date: 21 octobre 2021 | 22:00 (jeu.)
Lieu: Jazz Dock
Durée: 120 minutes
Statut: Disponible
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The Bladderstones (electric blues)
This band mixes repertoire form the hard Texas blues with evident reference to classic genres, with jazz standards in specific intimate adaptations in melodic-harmonic shaker (vo,harm,g,b,dr).

The concert has one 20 minutes long intermission.

Our ten meters long futuristic bar is full of traditional and proven drinks and cocktails as well as specialities and news for anyone with fantasy.
You can enjoy also Jazz Dock kitchen´s delicatessen and treat yourself a tasty dinner, all the time during musical production. Please note that the drinks and food are not included in the ticket price.

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