March06 2022 (Sun)
7:00 PM

The Makropulos Affair

Opera by L. Janáček

The National Theatre in Prague | Opera and Ballet

125 minutes | Not available

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Date: March 06, 2022 | 19:00 (Sun)
Venue: The National Theatre in Prague
Duration: 125 minutes
Status: Not available
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Opera by Leoš Janáček based on the world famous play by Czech author Karel Čapek

In Czech language with German surtitles 

Leoš Janáček belongs to the most respected composers of the previous century. His works are presented by leading opera houses worldwide. Janáček shocked his contemporaries by the themes he selected for his operas, including the Makropulos Affair, a 1922 text by Karel Čapek.
He was surely attracted by the character of the mysterious Elina Makropulos, a daughter of court physician to Rudolph II.

The emperor feared death and ordered his physician to prepare an elixir of eternal youth and immortality. Once the potion was ready the emperor ordered the physician to test it on his daughter Elina who then lived over three hundred years long. In the opera we see Elina at the end of her existence, exhausted by the excessive length of her life and wishing for death that she fears at the same time. The philosophical message of the theme – “you fools, you are so happy to be dying soon” – is still valid today. 

Performed by: 

Theatre J. K. Tyla


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  • One intermission
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  • The price includes service fee of 3,7 € (100,- CZK)

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