June01 2024 (Sat)
2:00 PM


Musical with English subtitles

Hybernia Theatre | Famous musicals in Prague

160 minutes | Available

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Date: June 01, 2024 | 14:00 (Sat)
Venue: Hybernia Theatre
Duration: 160 minutes
Status: Available
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Tarzan: a musical that'll take you on an unforgettable journey through the jungle 

In Czech with English subtitles 

Experience a powerful story about family, love, but also about what a person is capable of!

While in Prague see one of the world's most famous adventure and romance novels and one of the world's most successful musicals at the Hybernia Theatre! The musical Tarzan features the world hits of Phil Collins, who was nominated for a Grammy Award for the song You will be in my heart, and the song won a Golden Globe and an Oscar. The musical was created for Walt Disney Studios and Theatrical Productions on Broadway in New York. It was also successfully performed on other stages in England, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Sweden etc. Tarzan is the most elaborated book, television and film character.

About the musical: 

The story tells the fate of the offspring of a young English couple who, after the tragic death of his parents, is raised by a forest monkey and who, thanks to his strength and intelligence, soon becomes the most powerful creature in the jungle.

His adventurous life in the treetops turns upside down the expedition of Professor Porter, who came to the African jungle to study the life of gorillas. Tarzan realizes that he is human for the first time, and his insight is heightened by his reciprocated love for the professor's daughter, Jane. Will Tarzan return to civilization under the influence of love with the young American Jane? Which family will he choose?


13-member orchestra
Dalibor Kapras - conductor 

Tarzan: David Gránský | Peter Pecha | Robert Urban
Jane: Ivana Korolová | Petra Vojtková | Klára Jelínková
Kala: Michaela Gemrotová | Dita Hořínková | Jana Zenáhlíková
Porter: Jaromír Dulava | Tomáš Trapl
Kerchak: Josef Vojtek | Marian Vojtko | Ernesto Čekan
Terk: Ladislav Korbel | Martin Šemík 

Clayton: Ernesto Čekan | Rudolf Kubík
Leopard/Snipes: Tomáš Smička | Alexej Kolva
Small Tarzan: Viktor Antonio | Matěj Hezký | Michal Mückstein jr.
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