November21 2024 (Thu)
7:00 PM


Opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Prague State Opera | Opera and Ballet

1 minutes | Available

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Date: November 21, 2024 | 19:00 (Thu)
Venue: Prague State Opera
Duration: 1 minutes
Status: Available
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Baroque opera delivered by the esteemed Collegium Vocale 1704, the State Opera Orchestra and the National Theatre Opera Ballet

In French, surtitles in Czech, English

After 15 years, a Baroque opera is returning to the National Theatre repertoire, and after a full quarter-century the National Theatre will stage a work by Jean-Philippe Rameau, the globally renowned comédie lyrique Platée, which, however, has never before been performed in the entire history of the National Theatre and the State Opera, and its predecessor, the Neues deutsches Theater.

In 1745, Louis XV selected the comedy about an ugly nymph, enticed to believe that Jupiter, the king of the gods, has fallen in love with her, as one of the three operas for the celebrations of his son’s wedding to the Infanta María Teresa of Spain. Given that the bride is said to have been no beauty, we can speculate as to whether the choice of Rameau’s opera was the monarch’s spiteful prank – if that indeed was the case, it was fitting (and improper) for other reasons too. Platée not only pokes fun at a foolish, graceless sprite, it also ridicules the “holy” social institute of matrimony: the pathologically jealous wives and the timid yet resourceful husbands, who, albeit being Olympian gods, face diverse partnership troubles …

The production has been undertaken by the SKUTR stage directors’ tandem, who drew inspiration from the fact that the world premiere of Rameau’s Platée took place within a wedding, as well as the opera’s allegoric Prologue, in which Comedy engenders from wine ...

So come and see what a “Baroque” wedding has to offer.


Collegium Vocale 1704
State Opera Orchestra
National Theatre Opera Ballet


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  • Theatre is a cultural institution. Please respect the common principles of appropriate behaviour and clothing
  • The program may be subject to change
  • The price includes service fee of 3,7 € (100,- CZK)

Baroque orchestra Collegium 1704 - program and tickets

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