April27 2024 (Sat)
5:00 PM

One More Minute

Drama with English subtitles

Estates Theatre - Prague Opera tickets | National Theatre drama with subtitles

130 minutes | Available

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Date: April 27, 2024 | 17:00 (Sat)
Venue: Estates Theatre - Prague Opera tickets
Duration: 130 minutes
Status: Available
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A family show prepared for the Estates Theatre about the Estates Theatre and its history...

In Czech with English subtitles 

Two sisters, Věra and Květa, visit the Estates Theatre for the first time ever. No, they are not little girls, but elderly ladies from a small town who came to Prague for the weekend. They wear their Sunday best, yet they are a bit afraid of visiting this historical building. They are so nervous that they forget about time and arrive late.

Věra suddenly screams, having recognised the theatre her father told them about when they were little. The performance is interrupted, and the actors wait for the two noisy ladies to be escorted out of the theatre. But Věra is convinced that their father, who disappeared many years ago, had had something to do with the Estates Theatre. And then the wonders begin ...


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  • No discounts are provided. 
  • Theatre is a cultural institution. Please respect the common principles of appropriate behaviour and clothing.
  • The program may be subject to change.
  • The price includes service fee of 3,7 € (100,- CZK)

Prague is full of opera and ballet! 

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