January13 2017 (Fri)
6:30 PM

Prague Folklore Music Show in Famous Brewery U Fleku

Old Prague songs

U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant | Listen and Dine

155 minutes | Not available

Event is no longer available.

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Date: January 13, 2017 | 18:30 (Fri)
Venue: U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant
Duration: 155 minutes
Status: Not available
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Enjoy the famous Old Prague Music Folklore Show and Dinner at U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant.

Do you enjoy live band music? Do you like fun? Are you a lover of traditional Czech pubs and top quality beer? Then visit Show 'U Fleku' in Prague!

Here you can see reviews of U Fleku Old Prague Music Foklore Show and Dinner on Tripadvisor!

Show U Fleku follows the famous Czech cabaret tradition and offers great entertainment in conjunction with the necessary beer and good food.
The show last for about an hour and is intended for both, Czech and international audience.
Show U Fleku is a masterpiece of Old Czech Music Folklore, consisting of a sequence of well-known old Prague and international songs and tracks, two humorous skits and beer competition, all that performed by three brilliant singers and four excellent musicians. And of course you will taste the traditional dark beer from one of the oldest breweries in Central Europe, where beer has been brewed continuously for more than 500 years!


Songs From The Poisoned Hut
  Pivni lamentoso  
  Landsturmacek - A World War I. Soldier   
  The Song of an Old Tom-Cat  
  Peters Brunelle  
  I have got a girl from Odkolek  
  Flek dancers   
  We dance Charleston in Prague   
  Small opera surprise     
  The Barber of Seville - "Largo al Factotum"        
  Jazz not just from the new world   
  Bei Mir Bistu Shein  
  When I Was Girl  
  The Most Beautiful Hašler songs and songs About Old Prague  
  I´ve hot Gramophone at Home  
  To Whom Belongs Prague?! To Us!  
  At Pankrác  
  Beer Competition
  Folks, I like beer    
  Prague - the heart of Europe  
  Hits From Prague Cabarets and Revues   
  Monti Czardas (Instrumental)  
  Hava Nagila   
  Maestros Musicians   

Your menu choice with a prepaid ticket:

Flek Menu
Prague ham with butter and pickled cucumber
Roasted Pork, Sour Cabbage, Bread Dumplings, Potato Dumplings / Potato
Marinated Beef Tender, Bread Dumplings
Goulash à la Flek, Speck Dumplings, Potato pancakes
Roasted Chicken with Butter and Cooked Potatoes
Flekovský lezak 13° (lager)

Vegetarian Menu
Mixed salad with Balkan cheese (with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, Balkan cheese)
Fried Mushrooms, Parsley Potatoes
Flekovsky lezak 13° (lager)

Kids Menu
U Fleku Special Potato Soup
Marinated Beef Tender, Bread Dumplings
Soft Drink

Please note:

There is no intermission.
We recommend to arrive at 19:00. Dinner and a beer is served from 19:15 until 20:00.
Folklore show starts at 20:00 and finishes at approx. 21:10.
After that you can stay and enjoy a nice evening at the restaurant U Fleku until 23:00.
The organizer reserves the right to make any changes in the programme, performers and time.
Unlimited Drinks option includes Show, Dinner (starter and main course) and unlimited drinks (beer, wine, soft and hot drinks only) from 19:15 until end of the show (approx. 21:10).
Show + Dinner option includes Show, Dinner (starter and main course) and 1 traditional dark Flek beer. No lager beer or any other beer types are offered in the Restaurant U Fleku.
Show + Dinner Child up to 12 option include Show, Dinner (soup and main meal) and 1 soft drink.
Show Only option includes entrance to the show only (drinks and meal can be ordered separately at the venue).
Show Only Child up to 12 option includes entrance to the show only (drinks and meal can be ordered separtaely at the venue)
Student option - student up to 26 years. 

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