October07 2022 (Fri)
7:00 PM

Oedipus Rex

Drama with English subtitles

The National Theatre in Prague | National Theatre drama with subtitles

105 minutes | Available

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Date: October 07, 2022 | 19:00 (Fri)
Venue: The National Theatre in Prague
Duration: 105 minutes
Status: Available
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Oedipus Rex

King Oedipus could be envied by many for his good fortune – after defeating the Sphinx by solving her riddle, he became a respected ruler of Thebes and established an extensive family. By and large, he was a darling of the Gods! Yet an abrupt downfall followed. The learned past is always part of the present, and hence the gifts of Fate can only be assessed retrospectively…

The Ancient Greek playwright Sophocles’ tragedy retells the old fable of the cruel lot of the man who unknowingly kills his father and marries his own mother, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Oracle of Delphi. It is a story of a king who must install order, even at the price of his self-destruction.


Pavel Batěk - Oedipus
Jana Stryková - Jocasta
Igor Orozovič - Creon
David Prachař - Priest
Jana Preissová - Tiresias
Alena Štréblová - Messenger
Taťjana Medvecká - Shepherd
and others 


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