April23 2017 (Sun)
9:00 PM

Nocni Optika

Modern jazz

Jazz Centre AghaRTA | Jazz Music

180 minutes | Available

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Date: April 23, 2017 | 21:00 (Sun)
Place: Jazz Centre AghaRTA
Length: 180 minutes
Status: Available
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Listen to modern jazz by Nocni Optika band at Agharta Jazz Center!

Nocni Optika
Jakub Dvoracek - piano, keyboards
Miroslav Nosek - guitars
Stepan Zbytovsky - flute
Jan Keller - bassguitars, cello
Jan Linhart - drums


Welcome to Agharta Jazz Centrum, a meeting point of the best Czech jazz musicians!

Nocni Optika (Night Optician´s) is an instrumental quintet composed of musicians whose starting point is partially jazz, partially classical music. The result is a sort of periphery or suburb of the jazz mainstream, a place lit with flashes of the resonance of the pulsing fevers of the metropolis, and breezes of the sombre surfaces of the forest pools. A neurotic’s meditation blends with the phlegmatic’s mad dash in a herbarium of half-forgotten animals.

Please note there are two 15 minutes intermissions.

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