October23 2019 (Wed)

Bohemian Garnet Museum by Charles Bridge

Famous Czech Jewellery Art Museum

Bohemian Garnet Museum Prague | Sightseeing Tours

60 minutes | Available

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Date: October 23, 2019 (Wed)
Venue: Bohemian Garnet Museum Prague
Duration: 60 minutes
Status: Available
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The Czech jewellery art museum in the Old Town offers exhibition of exclusive Czech gemstone 

The Bohemian Garnet Museum located a few steps from the Charles Bridge take you on an interactive journey through the history of the unique Czech deep red coloured garnet highly demanded all around the world since the 16th century. 


  • See the biggest collection of the exclusive Czech garnets jewellery 
  • Admire ancient jewellery.
  • Recognize the fraud jewellery (you would never believe it is fraud).
  • In a 8-minute video (in Czech, English, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese) find out about the mining sites and mining technology of special Bohemian garnets, as well as about methods of their cutting and further processing.
  • Learn about the energy and healing powers of Bohemian garnets.
  • Find your own little garnet (great for both adults and kids).
  • Looking for a present? You can purchase lovely jewellery of current Czech artists and jewellers + antique jewellery. Upon purchase you will also receive a certificate of authenticity of the Czech garnets used.

Our experience:

We were in the Bohemian Garnet Museum for nearly two hours, learning about the Czech garnet we, frankly, did not know much about. From seeing the exhibition, recognising the false "garnet", watching the video about mining and production of jewels to finding our own little garnet (it was the best part!)... Recommend to all history and minerals lovers! 

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