July20 2024 (Sat)
8:00 PM

Music from Movies

Mamma Mia, Titanic, James Bond

Municipal House - Smetana Hall | Classical Music

65 minutes | Available

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Date: July 20, 2024 | 20:00 (Sat)
Venue: Municipal House - Smetana Hall
Duration: 65 minutes
Status: Available
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Impeccable music performance in Municipal House: melodies from famous films played by Dvořák Symphony Orchestra


  • E. Bernstein: The Magnificent Seven (Music from the movie)                   
  • C. M. Schönberg: I Dream A Dream („Les Miserables“)                                            
  • H. Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean (Music from the movie)                                  
  • K. Svoboda: Three Nuts for Cinderella (Song from the movie)                                    
  • K. Anderson-Lopez: Let It Go („Frozen“)                                             
  • M. Magne: Angéligue (Music from the movie)                                      
  • B. Anderson: Super Trouper („Mamma Mia!“)                                     
  • Vangelis: Conquest Of Paradise ("1492: Conquest of Paradise")                            
  • A. L. Webber: I Don´t Know How to Love Him („Jesus Christ Superstar“)                
  • E. Morricone: Once Upon a Time In the West (Song from the movie)   
  • J. Williams: E.T. (Music from the movie)
  • J. Brabec: Píseň o smrti nevinného blázna (Song from musical „Clochemerle")
  • J. Horner: My Heart Will Go On ("Titanic")                                            
  • F. Mercury: Bohemian Rhapsody                                            
  • T. Newman: James Bond: Skyfall (Song from the movie)                                                                                                 


Dvořák Symphony Orchestra Prague (chamber)
Lucie Mlynářová - vocals 
bass guitar 

Dvořák Symphony Orchestra Prague originated in the 60s of the last century on the initiative of the top musicians. Also, the current members are leading players renowned orchestras in Prague Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, FOK, SOČR, PKO, PKF, The National Theatre and other). Orchestra featured in most European countries, in USA, Japan and in South Korea.


  • No intermission
  • Dress code: casual
  • Program subject to change. 

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