February22 2020 (Sat)
5:00 PM

Laterna magika

The Little Prince

The New Stage - Laterna magika | Black Light Theatre

110 minutes | Not available

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Date: February 22, 2020 | 17:00 (Sat)
Venue: The New Stage - Laterna magika
Duration: 110 minutes
Status: Not available

The Little Prince: the well known story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on the stage of Laterna magika

Who has not read The Little Prince, one of the best-known stories of modern literature? The novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, first published in 1943 and ranking among the 50 best-selling books in the world, is far more than just a fairy tale. The Little Prince tale connects the current world, which is driven by the endeavour to control nature, the dominance of technology, materialism and selfishness, with the pure view of a boy.

The young hero finds sense in other things – friendship and love. He discovers them during his journey across seven planets, with the children’s universe clashing with that of the grown-ups. The production of Laterna magika combines the multi-screen technique with live acting, dance, music, song, and film projections, bringing to bear to the full the Laterna magika principles.

The poetic tale lacks nothing of that which the audience expects: the terrestrial desert and the pilot, the inhabitants of the seven planets: the King, the Vain Man, the Drunkard, the Businessman, the Lamplighter, the Geographer and the Fox, who shows the Little Prince the value of friendship. Yet it goes without saying that the original theatre production brings few surprises...

The production for the whole family will certainly delight all those seeking inspired poetics and food for thought in theatre.  


  • One 20- minute intermission
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