April29 2020 (Wed)
7:30 PM

Lee Ronaldo & Raul Refree

Alternative Rock

Akropolis Palace | Jazz Music

90 minutes | Available

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Date: April 29, 2020 | 19:30 (Wed)
Venue: Akropolis Palace
Duration: 90 minutes
Status: Available
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Lee Ronaldo & Raul Refree

Former Sonic Youth guitarist & vocalist Lee Ranaldo has announced a collaborative album called Names of North End Women with Spanish musician & producer Raül Refree, who also worked on Lee’s last few solo albums. The album comes out in February 2020 via Mute.

Lee and Raül initially went into the studio together to work on a new Lee Ranaldo solo album, but they quickly realized things were going in a more collaborative direction. Lee calls the album “the beginning of a new partnership, a new configuration.”

It’s also a much different type of album for Lee, who rose to fame primarily as a guitarist, as it features hardly any guitar. Instead, the duo made the album with marimba and vibraphone, samplers, a vintage 2-inch Studer tape recorder and “a modified cassette machine Ranaldo had previously used in performances 25 years earlier.”

“We were mixing in all these strange analog sounds from old cassette tapes, dealing with tape hiss; using very new technology and very old technology and mixing them together,” Lee says. And Raül adds, “This record began as playing with samplers and cassette players, as experimental music, musique concrete, poly-rhythms.”


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