September03 2021 (Fri)
8:00 PM

Laterna magika

Wonderful Circus

The New Stage - Laterna magika | Black Light Theatre

90 minutes | Available

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Date: September 03, 2021 | 20:00 (Fri)
Venue: The New Stage - Laterna magika
Duration: 90 minutes
Status: Available
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Enter the fantastic world of Wonderful Circus, the most famous performance of Laterna magika in Prague

Since its premiere way back in 1977, Wonderful Circus has been the most-performed title of Laterna magika and it is the the most typical sample of the art of Laterna magika.

Theatrical space is transformed into a circus tent, and you will be drawn into the action by a panoramic projected picture and popular tricks involving interpenetration of imagination and reality. 

Wonderful Circus is a poetic story about a futile quest for the unachievable, embodied by figures of clowns incited by a magician – the Seducer – and a vision of the beautiful Venus, who takes on the forms of earthly women.

Excellent Czech artists took part on the creation of this wonderful performance, such as famous film director of 60´s Evald Schorm alongside with the long-time head of Laterna magika, Czech theatrical architect Josef Svoboda, world famous designer and film maker Jan Švankmajer or founder of Czech black light theatre traditon Jiří Srnec.

Their team created an outstanding piece of art. The presentation Wonderful Circus has a touch of Czech poetics. In Laterna magika you will be entertained while also gaining a deep understanding of the human soul...


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