December21 2023 (Thu)
7:00 PM

Holmes, the Legend

Musical with English subtitles

Karlin Music Theatre | Famous musicals in Prague

175 minutes | Available

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Date: December 21, 2023 | 19:00 (Thu)
Venue: Karlin Music Theatre
Duration: 175 minutes
Status: Available
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Musical based on the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and the vicissitudes of his author, the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In Czech with English subtitles 

Under the pressure of the media, society and especially his publisher Virgil Cromwell, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle begins to succumb to jealousy, which leads him to the only possibility of liberation from the captivity of the shadow of the famous detective. He sees liberation in death, his most famous literary figure. How will this humorous story, full of exaggeration, great music turn out? Not even our Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knows that yet.

Yes, in real terms, Arthur Conan Doyle really got rid of Sherlock Holmes for a while when he let him drown in the depths of the Reichenbach Falls in the short story The Last Case, but he was never driven by such extreme motivations, which the musical writer allowed himself to do a little eccentrically, for that with the greatest love for his legacy, portray in the writer's musical. A number of characters also have a real-life basis, such as Louisa Hawkins, who was the real-life companion of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Dr. Sigmund Freud also existed like that, although nothing is mentioned about their friendship with Doyle, it is not even excluded that it could not have existed, since both gentlemen lived in the same period of our history. The only character of Virgil Cromwell, Arthur Conan Doyle's publisher, is fictional, but without him, the musical could not contain the dramatic plot, which should be taken with exaggeration and humor as artistic license, not as a description of the actual realities of history.

Even the character of Sherlock Holmes does not always stick to his so typical character, but sometimes unexpectedly deviates, to refresh the plot, into another position, which is also as sympathetic to the viewer.

It's all about making the audience laugh, move, maybe educate a little, but above all, have a great time the entire time.


Sherlock Holmes / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý, Lukáš Janota | Irene Adlerová / Louisa Hawkins - Kristýna Daňhelová, Anna Fialová | Dr. John Watson / Dr. Sigmund Freud - Marek Holý, Denny Ratajský | Profesor Moriarty / Virgil Cromwell - Jan Sklenár, Petr Vaněk etc. 


  • Accessible from 6 years
  • The musical is in Czech language with English subtitles.
  • One intermission
  • Dress code: smart casual
  • The purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.

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