March21 2024 (Thu)
7:00 PM

Estate Theatre to the Nation!

Drama with German, English subtitles

Estates Theatre - Prague Opera tickets | National Theatre drama with subtitles

100 minutes | Available

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Date: March 21, 2024 | 19:00 (Thu)
Venue: Estates Theatre - Prague Opera tickets
Duration: 100 minutes
Status: Available
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How the Estates Theatre became part of the National Theatre

In Czech, surtitles in German, English

A theatre building would be a surprising object of a national upheaval at any place but for Prague, in a country where the Czechs and Germans had lived together for ages and where the theatre was a place of fundamental political struggles. In her theatrical research, Petra Tejnorová and her production team follow from an infamous and little-known event when an enraged crowd took over the Estates Theatre and expelled the German ensemble, its then tenants, in November 1920.

The project presents a portrayal of one specific building and one specific event in a couple of images and contributions written by historians, lawyers, and theatre professionals. A happening on site, at the place of remembrance – at the Estates Theatre.


  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • No discounts are provided. 
  • No intermission 
  • Theatre is a cultural institution. Please respect the common principles of appropriate behaviour and clothing.
  • The one-off show is presented in co-production with the Prague German Language Theatre Festival. 
  • The program may be subject to change.
  • The price includes service fee of 3,7 € (100,- CZK)

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