October03 2021 (Sun)
7:30 PM

Erik Truffaz Quartet


Akropolis Palace | Jazz Music

90 minutes | Available

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Date: October 03, 2021 | 19:30 (Sun)
Venue: Akropolis Palace
Duration: 90 minutes
Status: Available
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Erik Truffaz introduces new album "Lune Rouge"

Famous French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz acclaimed for his infusion of dance music, rock and roll and hip- hop into his compositions is rerturning to Prague. 

In the late nineties Truffaz gained cult status with albums 'The Dawn' and 'Bending New Corners', with an eclectic mix of organic jazz, hip hop and drum' n bass.  

The general public had then discovered the distinctive sound of Erik Truffaz, an acoustic whole mingling with electronic rhythms, on the tenuous border between jazz and instrumental pop, and had already compared him to Miles Davis.

His upcoming album –‘Lune Rouge’ (Red Moon) – is going to be released in the fall 2019. Red is the moon. To see a blood moon, several factors need to combine. There needs to be a total eclipse, when the moon, the earth and the sun are exactly aligned, and the moon must be at its perigee - close to our orbit. It's a stunning combination of mineral light, promised collisions, and happy accidents. The red moon is the result of a perfect alignment. 


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