March15 2020 (Sun)
7:30 PM


R&B, soul

Akropolis Palace | Jazz Music

90 minutes | Available

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Date: March 15, 2020 | 19:30 (Sun)
Venue: Akropolis Palace
Duration: 90 minutes
Status: Available
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Ephemerals release their fourth album "The third eye"

Singer Wolfgang Valbrun met composer Hillman Mondegreen at a gig their respective bands were playing in France. In 2014, only a few months later, the debut album "Nothin Is Easy" was  released by Jalapeno Records.

The darkly psychedelic follow up "Chasin Ghosts" was made in a similar way and released on Oct 23rd 2015. The third, an Alice Coltrane inspired record about reborth, "Egg Tooth" was out April 21st 2017. The pair have collaborated with dozens of musicians over the years and are planning the release of a fourth album ‘the third eye’  for early 2020. 


  • No intermission

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