October08 2023 (Sun)
7:00 PM

Intimate Clouds

Prague Chamber Ballet

Na Vinohradech Theatre | Opera and Ballet

70 minutes | Available

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Date: October 08, 2023 | 19:00 (Sun)
Venue: Na Vinohradech Theatre
Duration: 70 minutes
Status: Available
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Intimate Clouds 

The Prague Chamber Ballet presents a creation for Leoš Janáček's second string quartet "Intimate Letters" choreographed by Petr Zuska and performed by the Zemlinsky Quartet.

The Prague Chamber Ballet continues to return to the legacy of its founder Pavel Šmok and presents original works set to music by Czech composers. Another piece on the programm of the premiere evening will be Jiří Pokorný's choreography “Black Clouds Don't Cry”, adapted for the PKB ensemble. It explores the phenomenon of disguise and hidden emotions, symbolised by expressionless white masks. The theme of the choreography has become very topical for our society again in recent years.


  • Black Clouds don't cry
    Music: Yukari Sawaki
  • Intimate Letters
    Music: Leoš Janáček, String Quartet No. 2 "Confidential letters"
    Performed by: Zemlinsky Quartet

Founded in 1994 while the members were still students, the ZEMLINSKY QUARTET has become a much lauded example of the Czech string quartet tradition. The Zemlinsky Quartet performs regularly in the Czech Republic and abroad and is named after the Austrian composer, conductor and teacher Alexander Zemlinsky (1871-1942), whose enormous contribution to Czech, German and Jewish culture during his 16-year residence in Prague had been underrated until recently. His four string quartets (the second one being dedicated to his student and brother-in-law Arnold Schönberg) belong to the basic repertoire of the ensemble. Since 2005, the quartet has maintained a special relationship with the Alexander Zemlinsky Foundation in Vienna.


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