May04 2024 (Sat)
7:00 PM

Cherry Man

Drama with English subtitles

Estates Theatre - Prague Opera tickets | National Theatre drama with subtitles

105 minutes | Available

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Date: May 04, 2024 | 19:00 (Sat)
Venue: Estates Theatre - Prague Opera tickets
Duration: 105 minutes
Status: Available
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A black comedy about the end of the Cherry Age, a story about the decline of a civilization

In Czech with English subtitles 

The play is set in the US, in the former house of a married couple, Tom and Jerry. Several years ago, after the death of their disabled son, they left the luxurious hacienda to their servants, the black siblings Suzanne and Daniel, and their uncle Bernard.

But the aging man is not fully sane, considering himself a retired Russian servant and feeling responsible for everything that is happening around the world and in the US. But there are others who apparently need emergency treatment as well...

After several years, Tom and Jerry decide to visit their former home. A lavish party is thrown to celebrate their arrival, unexpectedly revealing the complicated and absurd details of the history of the house itself, as well as the peculiar stories of its inhabitants and visitors. The main characters have complex and violent mutual relationship and see their heinous acts and (harmless?) indulgences as perfectly normal and common character traits. But what if freedom, independence and everything we believe to be true are in fact a lie? Where is it actually written that humans shall be the masters of the world?

Is Russian origin one of the, uh... heavy karmic curses? Perhaps... After all, God sends some of His saints directly to hell to shine their light on the hellish darkness in the human mind. The mind, indeed, is the hell at its worst. And mind you – Korean dogs have the right to live, too!


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