April20 2022 (Wed)
7:30 PM

Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 9, „From the New World“

Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Municipal House - Smetana Hall | Classical Music

95 minutes | Available

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Date: April 20, 2022 | 19:30 (Wed)
Venue: Municipal House - Smetana Hall
Duration: 95 minutes
Status: Available
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Lovers of symphonic music can look forward to feasting on the works of two top romantic composers,

who for a certain period of their lives, were allured by the discovery of the New World across the Atlantic. The first half of the concert will be devoted to Nikolai Andreevich Rimsky–Korsakov's orchestral suite Sheherezade.

Since premiering in St. Petersburg in 1888, this ingenious composition inspired by the oriental stories of One Thousand and One Nights, has embarked on a journey to winning over the hearts of listeners all over the world. Today, it is hard to believe that this composer of such unrivalled melodies claimed all his life that he was a mere amateur naval officer occasionally either performing or listening to music.

After the break, the audience will have the opportunity to indulge in one of the most famous symphonic works of all time. Dvořák's New World Symphony can be considered both a legend and a symbol.

Its melodies (especially the theme in the slow movement) are still considered by many Americans as reflecting their own folk music. In reality, however, the music contained in this symphony is a simple expression of the composer’s longing for his homeland.


  • Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov: Sheherazade, Op. 35
  • Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 9, „From the New World“


Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Steven Mercurio - conductor

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra has gained a position among both Czech and Europe’s top symphonic ensembles. Renowned for its versatility, the orchestra presents annually a broad program ranging from classical music concerts through contemporary genre, film scores, jazz, or musicals. In its new era, The Czech National Symphony Orchestra is also organizing summer Prague Proms Festival which annually attracts the audience for presenting greatest international performers.

Such composers, conductors, and performers as Ennio Morricone, Lalo Schifrin, James Morrison, Branford & Wynton Marsalis, Pino Donnagio, Giuliano Taviani, José Carreras, Danny Elfman, Vince Mendoza, Giuseppe Tornatore, Carl Davis repeatedly come back to Prague to either record with the orchestra or perform in the beautiful Smetana Hall of Prague´s Municipal House, the home concert stage of the orchestra.

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra was established in 1993 by trumpet player Jan Hasenöhrl. A spiritual father at the birth of the CNSO was the legendary conductor Zdeněk Košler. In the year 1996, the American Paul Freeman took over as Chief Conductor, and remained in this position for fantastic ten years. At the beginning of the year 2007, Maestro Libor Pešek was named the Chief Conductor and as of spring 2019, the role was passed onto American conductor Steven Mercurio (former pupil of Leonard Bernstein and a fantastic musician). We can surely look forward to some exciting projects! 


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