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Savarin Palace - Srnec Black Light Theatre

Do not miss Antologia, the performance of the best scenes of the 1st black light theatre in the world!


Selection of the best scenes from original Prague Black Light Theatre of Jiri Srnec will take you back to the world of inexhaustible fantasy and imagination.

The audience is guided through the 51-year history of Srnec Theatre. You may see, for instance, the oldest black light theatre scene „Launderette“ that had been created two years prior to the official foundation of the Srnec Theatre. The scene „ Magician“ allows the invisible performers to show their mastery. The objects appear, change, and vanish again. The audience gets surprised and fascinated. The nearly human behaviour of the four-legged friend of a Western bartender in the scene „Horse“ makes the audience laugh heartily.

Here you can see the video sample of Antologia performance.

Enjoy the geyser of magical colours and invention in Srnec Black Light Theatre!

Antologia is the most successful Black Light Theatre performance of the last years that has been appreciated on all the continents.

„The experience with the international audience has shown that each thing the human has invented and made may contain humour that may be understood by anybody. The convincingness of the objects coming to life is given by the manipulator’s acting mastery. The critics from all the continents appreciated the invisible actors who made the audience laugh or think by means of the objects. The silent movie era, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin – these masters are still being admired. Laughter, or smile at least, is needed more now – in the over-engineered period of too many words and few good deeds – than before. “ Jiri Srnec.


Scenes in Antologia will entertain and touch the whole family!



A special Prague Black Light Theatre performance offers a unique combination of living dancing objects and symbols with a performance of dancers and mimic actors.




Please note there is 15 minutes intermission.

Buy your ticket here, you pay no extra fees, tickets purchased for the same price as at the theater!

Are you going to Prague with children? Prague black light theater is fun for young viewers, read our recommendations!




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Savarin Palace - Srnec Black Light Theatre

Na Příkopě 10
Praha 1
Black Light Theatre
Winter heating:
Wheelchair access:

In the Palace Savarin you can visit the Srnec Black Light Theatre, the first black light theatre in the world!

In the Palace Savarin you can visit the Srnec Black Light Theatre, the first black light theatre in the world!

Black Light Theatre of Jiri Srnec was founded in 1961 as one of then emerging avant-garde theaters and from the very beginnig, it has attracted attention by remarkable artistic qualities.

Creative use of a simple trick, the so-called "black cabinet" in which actors wear black so that from the perspective of the viewer they are not seen against the black background, make the props and objects become alive.
Jiri Srnec Theatre belongs, thanks to the fresh inventiveness, distinctive poetics and sovereign mastering of the black light theatre tricks, among the best black theaters in the world.

The Savarin Palace, built in the 18th century by K. I Dientzenhofer and A. Lurago, has an impressive history of culture, dance and music. The palace is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.


* Walking distance from Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica shop on Old Town Square:
15 min

* Accessibility by Prague public transport:
metro A (green line), or B (yellow line) - Mustek stop

* Nearest car parking:
garages of the Palladium or Kotva shopping malls on Namesti Republiky


Number of available seats: 10 Please note that Euro exchange rate is only indicative, you will be billed in Czech Crowns.
Seat category Number of tickets Price
Full Price 0 21 € (580 CZK)
Child / Student 0 19 € (500 CZK)
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