January30 2017 (Mon)
7:00 PM

Yusif Eyvazov - The world opera star in Prague!

Opera Andrea Chenier

The National Theatre | Opera and Ballet

150 minutes | Not available

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Date: January 30, 2017 | 19:00 (Mon)
Venue: The National Theatre
Duration: 150 minutes
Status: Not available

The Metropolitan Opera Star Yusif Eyvazov performs in Prague National Theatre as Andrea Chénier!


Do not miss the unique performances of the world opera star and husband of the opera superstar Anna Netrebko, a guest of the major opera houses - Yusif Eyvazov, who  will perform in Prague as Andrea Chénier.

In the season 2017/2018 Yusiv Eyvazov will perform the role of Andrea Chenier in Milan's Theatre La Scala and he is going to play the same role at the National Theatre.


Yusif Eyvazov - tenor

Petr Kofron - conductor

Michal Docekal - director

Luigi Illica - libretto



The opera narrates the story of the French poet André Chénier, one of the last victims of Robespierre’s Reign of Terror in 1793 and 1794. Giordano’s opera depicts the drama of a love triangle, featuring the young aristocrat Maddalena, the servant Gérard and the poet Chénier. As a result of the revolutionary events, the initially innocent flirtation turns into a desperate and wild passion – the persecuted Maddalena writes secret love letters to Chénier; Gérard, who has become a major representative of the Jacobin regime, abuses his power for his personal interest in Maddalena; while the dreamer Chénier keeps believing in liberty, inspiration and love.


Czech and English subtitles. 


The world opera stars in National Theatre next Year 2017!


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