October27 2019 (Sun)
7:00 PM


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

The National Theatre | Classical Music

180 minutes | Available

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Date: October 27, 2019 | 19:00 (Sun)
Venue: The National Theatre
Duration: 180 minutes
Status: Available
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Giuseppe Verdi’s outstanding opera about the Egyptian chief Radames and his love for slave Aida

Italian original version with Czech and English surtitles 
The story of the Etiopian Princess Aida and the warrior Radames depicts the inner conflict of a woman who has to decide between being loyal to her country or dedicating herself to a man who is one of the oppressors of her nation. The dilemma of choosing between love and duty is also faced by Radames, who ultimately betrays his homeland because of Aida.

The current production was premiered in 1994. The renowned Egyptian painter Hafiz Abdel Farghali gave a genuine Egyptian colour to the sets which, together with Josef Jelinek’s exquisite costumes, contributed to the great success of the performances.

The production also met with a tremendous response during the two tours of Japan – in 2001, the role of Radames was portrayed by the world-famous artist Jose Cura, and in 2005 the celebrated singer Maria Guleghina performed with our company. A classical production affords great scope to highlighting beautiful melodies in effective scenes and arias.

Performed by:

Soloists of the National Theatre Opera
National Theatre Orchestra
National Theatre Chorus
Ballet of the National Theatre Opera

Please note:

  • One 20 minutes long intermission
  • The program may be subject to change.
  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • For the performances of the National Theatre, Karlín Music Theatre and the Estates Theatre, no discounts are provided.
  • Theatre is a cultural institution. Please respect the common principles of appropriate behaviour and clothing.

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