August19 2021 (Thu)
7:00 PM

26th International Organ Festival

Belgian Cantabile

St. James Basilica | Classical Music

60 minutes | Available

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Date: August 19, 2021 | 19:00 (Thu)
Venue: St. James Basilica
Duration: 60 minutes
Status: Available
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Feel the magic atmosphere in St. James Basilica while listening to organ recitals

Organ concerts in St. James Basilica in Prague are very famous for their long tradition and absolutely unique sound of the largest Prague´s organ.


  • DENIS BÉDARD (1950)
    Romantic Suite
    Allegro giocoso
  • JOHN STANLEY (1712-1786)
    Voluntary in a Op 7 No 8
    Andante staccato
  • CÉSAR FRANCK (1822-1890)
    Choral No 2 in B minor
  • JACQUES LEMMENS (1823-1881)
    Final in D major
    Cantabile in B minor
  • FLOR PEETERS (1903-1986)
    Toccata, Fugue, Hymn on „Ave Maris Stella“ Op 28

Performed by: 

Johan Hermans (Belgium)

About organ: 

The St. James´s organ is the largest organ in Prague and second largest in the Czech Republic. The two-manual organ with a pedal keyboard and 26 stops was completed in 1705 by Abraham Stark of Loket.

The organ´s case, which is still admired today, was quite unique in its time. So far the latest major reconstruction was carried out between 1981 and 1982 by "Varhany Krnov" (Rieger-Kloss). At present the organ has four manuals, 91 speaking stops and 8,277 pipes.

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