Prague classical concerts, opera and ballet, jazz clubs - program and tickets

Tickets for Prague classical concerts, black light theatre performances, opera and ballet at the National Theatre. Easy and safe purchase.

Bolero, Carmina Burana

Czech Collegium (Chamber Ensemble)

Ensemble Czech Collegium and elite soprano perform M. Ravel´s Bolero, C. Orff´s Carmina Burana as well as some Jewish songs.

July 03 | 19:00 (Sun)
Duration: 65 minutes
from 33 € (800 CZK)

Mnozil Brass

Prague Proms Festival 2022

Their repertoire spans a range of genres from classic to jazz, combining virtuoso playing with flawless musical interpretations to incredible effect, yet making it all look so effortless.

July 03 | 19:00 (Sun)
Duration: 60 minutes
from 29 € (700 CZK)

Milan Svoboda Quartet

Modern jazz

The quartet of renowned Czech pianist, conductor and composer, Milan Svoboda, who has been working for several decades now at the top of the Czech jazz scene.

July 03 | 21:00 (Sun)
Duration: 120 minutes
from 7 € (170 CZK)

Soul Sisters

Funky & Soul

Hear the most famous hits by Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin etc. in the original performance with elements of jazz, Latin and soul.

July 03 | 21:00 (Sun)
Duration: 180 minutes
from 11 € (270 CZK)

Vivaldi Four Seasons

Dvořák Symphony Orchestra Prague (chamber)

Concert at the Mirror Chapel, the most treasured part of historical Klementinum. Memorable experience. Organ, soprano and violin.

July 04 | 18:00 (Mon)
Duration: 65 minutes
from 21 € (500 CZK)

Experience the beauty of classical music in Prague

Concerts in Prague are held in some of the most spectacular venues in Prague. Concert halls of Prague Rudolfinum or Municipal House host prestigious classical music festivals and concerts of symphonic orchestras as well as chamber music. In splendid Prague National Theatre or charming Estates Theatre you may see top opera and ballet performances. Medieval churches, mysterious synagogues or magnificent Baroque palaces in the very heart of Prague host frequent events. 

Classical concerts and Black Light Theatre in Prague

Prague is literally bursting with ancient Gothic churches, Baroque palaces, concert halls, theatres and other beautiful spaces that are perfect for opera, organ concerts, chamber music concerts, orchestral concerts, recitals or Baroque opera concerts. For a fun night out with our without children, go to black light theatre show. One-of-a-kind Prague night. Don´t miss Laterna magika. We wish you a pleasant time while experiencing a great cultural event in breathtaking Prague concert & events venues

Prague jazz concerts – unwind in cozy Prague jazz clubs

Prague jazz scene has a lot to offer! From great Czech musicians to internatonal jazz stars, every night, you can choose from a variety of jazz concerts in Prague. In Prague centre you will find good jazz clubs such as famous Reduta Jazz Club, Agharta Jazz Centre, floating jazz stage Jazz Boat, jazz harbour Jazz Dock or Jazz and Blues Club Ungelt. Simply choose from a rich and variable program of jazz concerts and enjoy great jazz night. Visit Grand Hotel Praha for jazz and dinner.