March21 2018 (Wed)
8:00 PM

WOW Black Light theatre

The biggest and most modern

Broadway Theatre | Black Light Theatre

65 minutes | Available

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Date: March 21, 2018 | 20:00 (Wed)
Venue: Broadway Theatre
Duration: 65 minutes
Status: Available
Reviews: (7)
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WOW is the most modern and biggest Prague Black Light Theatre.

Welcome to the world, where beautiful mermaids live, where the power of wild nature reveals itself and fragile flower bunches can dance. Welcome to the wonderful world of Black Light Theatre WOW! The music is composed by one of the Hollywood´s best song writers.
Enjoy the evening without words - Black light theatre is nonverbal.

In this magnificent performance, which combines traditional techniques with modern pyrotechnics, the magic of the Black light theatre reaches its peak.
Prague's Black Light Theatre WOW combines an ultra violet lights and a fluorescent colors with special effects, creating a rare magical moment that will "wow" you forever! In all of us there is a child trapped by his fears. The WOW show tells the universal story of a man searching for a child inside him and the path of each of us takes to overcome the fears we carry within since childhood. This exiting show presents new attractions and is performed in interaction with the audience,i.e. in one of the scenes six giant fluorescent balls descend from the ceiling and the cheering audience pushes and rolls them from side to side.
WOW performance is suitable for people of all ages, a magnificent black light theatre show for the whole family.

Please note:

There is no intermission.
Via Musica recommends to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the performance. That way you have a better chance to get the seat you want.

To learn more about Prague black light theatre go to What is Black Light Theatre?

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