June22 2017 (Thu)
9:00 PM

The Brownies

Blues, reggae, latino

Jazz Club Blues Sklep | Jazz Music

180 minutes | Available

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Date: June 22, 2017 | 21:00 (Thu)
Venue: Jazz Club Blues Sklep
Duration: 180 minutes
Status: Available
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The Brownies - blues, reggae, latino- tonight at Blues Sklep Club.

The Brownies musical duo was formed in 2011. They met at a farmer's market place. He played and she went to eat cookies. And now they play together. Everything possible ....

Pavel Rohlena - guitar
Annamaria d'Almeida - vocal
Hanka Horakova - drums
Alena Medvedeva - vocal
Pavel - double bass
Jakub Reil - trumpet
Steve Ridgill - percussion
Karel Snasel - clarinet

Please note the concert has two times 15 minutes intermission or one time 20 minutes intermission. The jazz club is smoking area.

Feel free to check our Calendar of jazz concerts in Prague.

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