March19 2018 (Mon)
10:00 AM

Terezín Concentration Camp Tour

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Terezín Memorial | Sightseeing Tours

450 minutes | Available

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Date: March 19, 2018 | 10:00 (Mon)
Venue: Terezín Memorial
Duration: 450 minutes
Status: Available
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Learn about the Czech-Jewish history, World War II and the Holocaust while visiting Terezín concentration camp and town.

Tour in English Language
Meeting Point: Discover Prague Tours, Celetná 558/12, Praha 1
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A sleepy countryside town today, Terezíne pitomizes one of history’s darkest chapters. 140,000 people were deported here by the Nazis when it served them as a GESTAPO prison, ghetto and concentration camp during the Holocaust.

What you will do:

On this day-trip to the former ghetto, concentration camp and gestapo prison just one hour from Prague, we focus on Czech-Jewish history, World War II and the Holocaust. A sleepy town in the Bohemian countryside today, your expert guides will help see through its pretty facade. You will visit Terezíns monuments, memorials and museums and find hidden traces of its dark past while discussing present-day attitudes towards Terezín. You will learn about its history, from its times as a Habsburg Empire garnison town to the visit of the Red Cross and the story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and her children’s paintings.

What to expect:

A sobering but essential educational experience shedding light on people’s darkest potential. Remembering what happened then and drawing the right conclusions remains forever crucially important. Central to the Holocaust, more then 33,000 prisoners died here as a result of malnutrition, disease and the sadistic treatment by their captors. For many more it was their last stop before being deported to extermination camps like Auschwitz, Treblinka or Sobibór. This contrasts with prisoners’ courageous resilience. Defying the most dire conditions, people maintained a rich cultural and religious life, held celebrations, even composed and staged operas. Terezín epitomizes the worst aspects of the human spirit but its prisoners left the world striking examples of human potential and the power of compassion. Terezín played a unique double role, in the Nazis’ pursuit of the Final Solution but also their propaganda efforts to conceal the holocaust.

What’s included:

Round-trip public transport
Admission to The Ghetto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks
The Columbarium
Jewish Prayer Room
The Crematorium
SS camp headquarters
Gestapo prison cells
Seat of the Council of Elders
Jewish dormitories
Austrian Fortress

Please note:

By purchasing this tour, you are welcome to join a Free Tour which takes place every day. You will walk to one of the major sights in the Old Town, New Town and Jewish Quarter, the oldest parts of Prague, and you will learn bit more about city and Czech culture.
You will get the free tour schedule after the payment. 
This tour is not suitable for disabled or wheelchair users.

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