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Faust * Black Light Theatre *

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Black Light Theatre of Prague

Enter the world of a timeless story of Dr. Faust coming to life! Black Light Theatre of Prague presents FAUST - BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.

In the "Faust" show Black Light Theatre of Prague sensitively combines Johann Wolfgang Goethe's classic work with black light theatre principles, dynamic choreography, projections and original sound-track.



Black light theatre performances are non-verbal spectacles of dance, pantomime and shadow theatre, suitable for all ages.

Doctor Faust longs for absolute knowledge, beauty and power. He seeks fulfilment of his desire in magic and makes an agreement with the Devil, Mephistopheles. The Devil will serve Faust for 24 years and through his power, Faust will gain all earthly knowledge, youth, beauty and power. However, Faust soon realises that even a contract with the Devil does not bring the expected fulfilment of his desires, and the answers to basic questions of existence still elude him. The contract with the Devil finally expires, and Faust is consigned to Hell. Can true love save him?





To learn more about black light theatre go to What is Black Light Theatre?




Faust in Prague:
The legendary Faust character is based on a real historical figure, Dr. Johannes Faust (1480-1540), a medieval German alchemist allegedly bonding with the Devil. According to the legend the so-called "Faust House" on Charles Square in Prague was one of the residences of famous Dr. Faust, and it is from the tower of this building that the Devil was supposed to have carried Faust off to Hell. It is said that on the plastered walls of the tower inexplicable stains can be seen until today.

Via Musica recommends to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the performance. That way you have a better chance to get the seat you want.

Please note there is no intermission.



Prague Ticket Office brings you a List of black light theatre performances in Prague.



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Black Light Theatre of Prague

Rytířská 31
Praha 1
Black Light Theatre
Winter heating:
Wheelchair access:

The Black Light Theatre of Prague is full of dance and colours.

The Black Light Theatre of Prague is full of dance and colours.

Get absorbed by the special light effects performance!

Visit the Black Light Theatre of Prague just a 5 minute walk from the Via Musica shop in the centre of Prague on the Old Town Square.
You will enjoy all the classic elements and effects of black light theatre. Thanks to its poetry, exaggeration and humor the performance is fun and understandable for people of all generations.

If you want to know more about Prague black light theatre, go to our "What is Black Light Theatre?" article.

The Black Light Theatre of Prague is located in a 17th century building, a former monastery of  the Carmelites of St. Gallus order. When the monastery was abolished in 1786 the building was used by a lace manufacturer followed by a number of shops. In 1930s the building was reconstructed and the hall was changed into a classy café. Under communism the House of Soviet Science and Culture was based there and the auditorium was adapted for lectures and concerts.
In 1993 the Black Light Theatre of Prague was founded allowing visitors to enjoy Prague black light theatre performances in the foyer with original 18th century stucco details and ceiling frescos featuring Biblical themes such as the Last Supper, Jacob’s dream and Christ in Emmaus.

* Walking distance from Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica shop on Old Town Square:
5 min

* Accessibility by Prague public transport:
metro A (green line) or B (yellow line) - Mustek stop

* Nearest car parking:
Millenium Plaza, V Celnici 10, Parking Kotva or Palladium on Namesti Republiky

Please note that Euro exchange rate is only indicative, you will be billed in Czech Crowns.
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