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Metro Theatre

Welcome in Metro Black Light Theatre and enjoy the new innovative performance Deja vu!

This new innovative performance takes an original approach to addressing both the serious and frivolous aspects of contemporary life. Specifically, it explores how life is controlled by modern communication technologies.

The ONLY Black Light Theater in Prague to reveal its secret! Every performance is followed by an interactive workshop!


"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." (Albert Einstein)

Please note there is no intermission.

Prague Ticket Office provides the Program of Prague black light theatres.

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Metro Theatre

Národní třída 25
Praha 1
Black Light Theatre
Winter heating:
Wheelchair access:

Welcome to the Black Light Theatre Metro and enjoy its poetics, humor and dance!

Welcome to the Black Light Theatre Metro and enjoy its poetics, humor and dance!


Frantisek Kratochvil - the founder of the Metro Theatre - presented The Cartoon Theatre in 1975 and since then it has entertained audiences both home and abroad. In 2002, the Cartoon Theatre of Frantisek Kratochvil (cofounder of black light theatre) moved from Reduta to the Metro Theatre and thus began its next stage under the name of the Black Light Theatre METRO. At the same time Frantisek Kratochvil started to write a new performance, this time in a close collaboration on direction, screenwriting and choreography with Michal Urban, the director of the theatre. The results of this collaboration are one of the most successful black light theatre performances in Prague "LIFE IS LIFE" and "DEJA VU".

The theatre founder's approach combines several principles of black theatre into one non-verbal performance. It is a mixture of basic three-dimensional black light theatre, comedy, dance and pantomime. Contemporary dance alternates with classical ballet.
Black Light Theatre METRO is the only one that reveals some of its secrets. Each performance is followed by a short workshop during which viewers can see technology of some black light theatre effects. Both performances are partly interactive and during the workshop the spectators can try to act in the blacklight theatre.


If you want to know more about Prague black light theatre, go to "What is Black Light Theatre?" article.

Black Light Theatre Metro is located in the basement of Metro Palace (built 1919), an important cultural and commercial building in the center of Prague. 

* Walking distance from Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica shop on Old Town Square:
15 min

* Accessibility by public transport:
metro B (yellow line) - Narodni trida stop, trams 6, 9, 18, 22, 91 - Narodni trida stop

* Nearest car parking:
National Theatre, Ostrovni 1, Praha 1

Number of available seats: 8 Please note that Euro exchange rate is only indicative, you will be billed in Czech Crowns.
Seat category Number of tickets Price
Full Price 0 18 € (480 CZK)
Student 0 15 € (400 CZK)
Children up to 10 years 0 9 € (240 CZK)
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