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Crispy Cheeks

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Jazz club Blues Sklep

Pinch the Crispy Cheeks at The Blues Sklep !


Vaclav Junek - vocals, guitar
Michal Oliver - bass, guitar
G. F. George - drums


Please note the concert has two times 15 minutes intermission or one time 20 minutes intermission.

The jazz club is smoking area.


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Jazz club Blues Sklep

Praha 1
Liliová 10
Jazz Club
Winter heating:
Wheelchair access:

The jazz music club situated in the Old Town of Prague offers daily pleasurable sittings with live music in the style of blues, jazz or folk.

Jazz club Blues sklep is a popular jazz club in Prague focusing on Czech bands playing jazz, blues, folk and alternative music. 

These styles sound every evening within a cosy interior with a dim lightning and small tables. The jazz music club situated in the Old Town of Prague offers daily pleasurable sittings with live music.
Blues sklep ( Blues cellar) has been regaining its lost fame from the time before the year of 2002 when its action within the Prague jazz club scene was swept away by the destructive flood. Blues sklep is well hidden in the cellar of an old house of Old Town´s maze of alleyways. 


Blues sklep will always certainly offer you great jazz concerts in Prague.

The club is open every evening from 7PM to half past two in the morning and between 9PM and midnight is full of live jazz music.

From local menu of beverages we recommend Pilsnr Urquell draft beer at a friendly price or alcohol-free beer in bottle, selection of fine wines served by bottle or by glass, wide range of whiskey, liqueurs, rums and spirits, mixed drinks and warm beverages. Furthermore you can buy something small to eat, various snacks and cigars.


Please note the club is smoking area.

* Walking distance from Prague Ticket Office - Via Musica shop on Old Town Square:
15 min

* Accessibility by Prague public transport:
metro A (green line), Staromestska stop, tram 17, 18 - Staromestska stop

* Nearest car parking:
Parking Rudolfinum, Alsovo nabrezi 12

Number of available seats: 20 Please note that Euro exchange rate is only indicative, you will be billed in Czech Crowns.
Seat category Number of tickets Price
Full Price 0 4 € (100 CZK)
ISIC card discount 0 3 € (90 CZK)
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