April28 2017 (Fri)
9:00 PM

Lubos Andrst Blues Band

Jazz & Blues

Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt | Jazz Music

180 minutes | Available

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Date: April 28, 2017 | 21:00 (Fri)
Venue: Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt
Duration: 180 minutes
Status: Available
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Legendary Czech blues guitarist Lubos Andrst and his band tonight in Ungelt

Band members:

Lubos Andrst - guitar
Jan Holecek - vocal, hammond organ
Pavel Razim - drums
Zdenek Tichota - bassguitar

Like many others, Lubos Andrst had a choice at the beginning of his career. Either find his own way and remain artistically independent or go for a less risky and financially more rewarding option and stay in the stream of local pop music. Luckily for his fans, he went for the first choice. Although, playing rock and jazz under communism had its difficulties he managed to walk this path for 35 years and keep his freedom as a musician. During this time he has cooperated with a number of top Czech jazz and rock musicians, as well as those from abroad (Toto Blanke, Ignaz Netzer, Tonya Graves, Dana Gilespie, Tadeusz Nalepa, Paul Jones, Katie Webster, B. B. King). His guitar mastery is recorded on 40 albums with over 80 of his original compositions. Nowadays, he perform with his Blues Band, jazz quartet Lubos Andrst Group, with Framus Five and in the Unpluggged project. He authored a book Jazz Rock Blues, teaches guitar seminars and is the author of a Czech TV show "Guitar Clinic."

Please note:

The concert has two 15 minute intermissions.
Concerts start every night at 9.00 pm. We recommend to come after 8 pm to get a seat of your choice in the music room.
There is a good a la carte restaurant in the club and you can enjoy your meal directly in the music room, all the time during the production.
The dinner is not included in the ticket price.
The music room is non-smoking, smoking in the airconditioned bar is permitted.

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