May10 2017 (Wed)
7:00 PM


Vaclav Kaslik

The National Theatre | Opera and ballet

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Date: May 10, 2017 | 19:00 (Wed)
Venue: The National Theatre
Duration: 0 minutes
Status: Available
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Karel Capek's novel Krakatit in opera version. 

The Czech repertoire of the National Theatre in the 2016/17 season will be extended to include a remarkable experimental creation by Vaclav Kaslik (1917–1989), one of the greatest and most versatile 20th-century Czech opera composers. Our production will mark the centenary of the composer’s birth. A conductor and opera director, he mainly worked for the National Theatre in Prague, yet he gained great reputation abroad.
Kaslik based his second opera on Karel Capek’s 1922 novel Krakatit, a philosophical science-fiction work, which in the form of a parable predicted the rapid development of modern science and, most significantly, the path of human civilisation to the very edge of extinction. At the present time, amid the world’s polarisation and new types of continual brutality and fanaticism, Capek’s novel has acquired unthought-of connections. Kaslik’s opera Krakatit draws upon a dynamic scenario blending the real world and the world of delusion, and is characterised by sharp cuts and contrasts, with the score combining contemporary classical music experiments with jazz and pop.

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