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Terms and Conditions

These terms regulate conditions of buying and selling tickets on Via Musica website between you as a client and us as the Via Musica ticket retailer.

Before purchasing tickets please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Via Musica’s business is conducted on the territory of Czech Republic and under the Czech business code. English translation of these terms and conditions is only available for purposes of these web pages.
For exact reading please refer to the exact version of online shopping law - 367/2000 of Czech Republic and European Parliament and Council directives 97/7/E on consumer protection in long-distance contracts.

1. General Terms 
2. Buy Online - Print E - Tickets
3. Buy Online - Collect Tickets in Via Musica shop
4. Discounts
5. Complaints, Tickets refund 
6. Our recomendations


1. General terms                                                                                                   

When purchasing a concert ticket a buy-sell transaction is conducted between the client and the concert agency organizing the concert. To sell their tickets concert agencies are represented by Via Musica under its own name.

When purchasing tickets you accept Terms and conditions by clicking the “I accept“ button.

Your agreement with these terms is a part of the purchase process. From now on your business transaction is binding and valid for both parties, ie. for you who oblige to pay the ticket price as listed and under the conditions given at a time of the purchase, for the provider to secure the number of tickets for a requested concert at a given price. Please be aware that if you pay insufficient amount for your ticket you invalidate the business transaction and have no further right to claim the ticket. Your payment will be immediately forwarded back to your account.

Via Musica conducts business on the territory of Czech Republic and therefore all prices are listed in Czech crowns. Please note, that displayed price in Euro and exchange rate are indicative only. Before payment please check the exchange rate of your currency in which you are to buy the tickets to the Czech crown.

All financial transactions are conducted according to the exchange rate of the bank on the date and at the moment of the financial transaction. Via Musica has no liability for the exchange rate fluctuation.
Credit card payments are accepted for online ticket purchase on Via Musica web pages. The shortest and most comfortable way is to print purchased e-Tickets on your own printer and go straight to the concert. Alternatively, if you cannot print your tickets yourself you may collect purchased tickets in our shop getting additional information, eg. how to get to the concert venue.

Via Musica does not send tickets by registered mail nor paid tickets by regular mail.

Listed prices are final and no furhter fees will be charged.

Via Musica has no responsibility for bank fees charged for bank transactions nor for the amount of such fees. Via Musica does not guarantee authenticity and validity of tickets purchased outside Via Musica web pages, or outside the Via Musica shop. Please keep your tickets in a safe place as Via Musica does not carry responsibility for invalidating the ticket through external damage or loss of a self- printed ticket.
It is possible to purchase only up to 10 tickets within one order. Orders of more than 10 tickets are considered group orders regulated by terms in section 4.
Via Musica as the retailer reserves the right to change these business terms and concert prices on Via Musica website at any time. These changes do not apply to tickets bought prior to these changes.
Copying and distributing content of this website without prior approval by Via Musica is strictly prohibited. If you wish to promote your events on Via Musica website or to cooperate with us in any other way
please read Promote your Event with us or Work with us on Home Page below articles or contact us directly at: tickets@viamusica.cz.

2. Buy Online - Print E - Tickets

Via Musica internet shop accepts these credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Visa Electron, Maestro.
Payments are always displayed in Czech crowns (CZK) and carried out via 3DSECURE PAYMENT GATEWAY – GPE secured internationally by valid SSL certificates.
When using your credit card you will be asked to provide the CVV (Card Validation Value) for VISA and CVC (Card Validation Code) for MasterCard. CVV/CVC are the last three digits displayed on the back side of your card, on the signature strip.
Upon your online purchase you will receive a confirmation email. This email will provide you with your order number and a confirmation of successful payment. Attached to the email you will find a ready-to-print e-Ticket.
To print the e-Ticket you need to have a printer connected to your computer and a program allowing to print PDF format files, ie. Adobe Acrobat Reader – click here for a free download.
Please print your ticket with a unique ticket number. Present the e-Ticket at an entrance to the concert hall. The unique ticket number serves as an identification necessary to enter the concert hall.
In case you do not manage, for whatever reason to print your e-Ticket (you don’t have a printer, your printer is out of order, etc.) you can later print your ticket directly from Via Musica website In order to do so you need to sign up on Via Musica website with your email address and the order number from the confirmation email. Then you can print your ticket directly from Via Musica website. Please note that after the beginning of the concert it is no longer possible to print the ticket you bought from Via Musica website.
Please note that emails are sent to an address provided at the purchase registration. Via Musica is not responsible for not delivering email messages in case the address is invalid or inserted incorrectly.

3. Buy Online - Collect Tickets in Via Musica shop

Upon ticket purchase online you will receive a confirmation email. This email will provide you with your order number and confirmation of successful payment.
After payment you may collect your ticket directly in our Via Musica shop on Staroměstské náměstí 14 / 604, Prague 1click here for map and opening hours. You may do so whenever you want before the event begins. However, please count in the time you will need to get to the concert venue.
Tickets will be handed out upon presenting your order number and an identification card in client’s name, eg. passport or driving licence. The order number can be found in the confirmation email you received upon payment.

4. Discounts

Note that senior discount is offered to persons over age 65 . The operator reserves the right to request a valid ID at the entrance to the concert hall, ie. passport showing client’s right to the discount.
If the client is unable to prove this right he/she will be requested to settle the difference up to the full amount of the entrance fee. If the difference is not settle the client will not be allowed in the concert hall and the ticket is invalidated without the possibility to request refund.
Note that student discount is available upon presenting a valid client’s ID, ie. a student card. The operator reserves the right to request a valid ID at the entrance to the concert hall, ie. passport showing client’s right to the discount.
If the client is unable to prove this right he/she will be requested to settle the difference up to the full amount of the entrance fee. If the difference is not settled the client will not be allowed in the concert hall and the ticket is invalidated without the possibility to request refund.
Note that some events are free of charge for children under age 8. In such case, the child will not have its own seat and will be seated on parent’s lap.
Note that Via Musica can negotiate discount for orders of more than 10 tickets depending on the number of requested tickets. If you are interested in more than 10 tickets and you are willing to wait for your reply please contact us by email at tickets@viamusica.cz specifying which tickets you are interested in, or fill in the form here. We will negotiate with the organizer of the event and will contact you promptly with a reply.

5. Complaints, Ticket refund

Via Musica itself does not host cultural events available on Via Musica website. Via Musica is a business partner to individual concert organizers representing them as a ticket retailer to the individual concerts. Therefore, Via Musica does not hold responsibility for time changes, instrumental changes, musician, soloist or concert program changes, course of the concert, damage caused during a concert, or damage caused to concert visitors, and/or additional expenses resulting from concert cancellation or change, or other circumstances of the concert.
All complaints related to all of the above must be directed to the concert organizer. Name and address of the concert organizer can be found on the right side of the ticket. If you cannot find organizer’s contact please contact us at tickets@viamusica.cz and we will promptly send you requested contact information.

If a concert is cancelled the client is always entitled to receiving the full amount of the ticket price in which case Via Musica sends the payment back to client’s account previously used for ticket payment.
Via Musica will refund the full amount without delay, and no later than one month from receiving the complain. Via Musica will promptly inform the client about concert cancellation by email. Via Musica is not responsible in case this notification is not delivered or read.

Ticket refund requested for client’s personal reasons, ie. trip cancellation, health problems, wrongly made order etc., that is withdrawal from the contract, is very limited. Via Musica will do its best to satisfy its clients, eg. by offering alternative date of the same concert.

Please note, tickets for National Theatre, State Opera, Estates Theatre, all concerts of Czech Philharmonic and Prague Symphony Orchestra  can not be refunded or exchanged!

Please, note that according to the Czech Civic Code – par. 54, code 40/1964 withdrawal from the contract by the client requesting full refund of long-distance transaction does not concern accommodation contracts and contracts concerning leisure activities if the provider fulfills his obligations at a given time and date. Thus, Via Musica is not legally obliged to refund tickets and the client may not use the 14 days period to withdrawal from the contract otherwise applicable to online shopping.
Tickets to be paid by invoice will be dealt with by Via Musica without delay in direct communication with the client. Via Musica takes no responsibility for tickets bought outside the Via Musica shop or outside the Via Musica web pages.

Please send all questions, complaits and requests for refund by email to
tickets@viamusica.cz . Via Musica will immediately take all steps to resolve all your requests sucessfully and to your satisfaction.
Refunds on the day, or after the date of the concert is not possible.
Please note that money refund, at the request of the client is always charged a
refund fee.

Note that all bank transactions are carried out in accordance with exchange rates of the bank on the day of a transaction. Via Musica does not guarantee stability of the exchange rate and has no responsibility for settling any financial discrepancies caused by fluctuation of the exchange rate of Czech crown to the currency in which the payment, or later refund was carried out.

6. Our recommendations

For OPEN or FREE SEATING concerts you will be offered a seat upon entering the concert hall. Via Musica recommends to drive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the concert. That way you have a better chance to get a seat you want.
Via Musica recommends to get seats in the center of the concert hall offering the best acoustic experience. Sitting in the first row need not always be the best option. This is especially true for blacklight theatre performances where a greater distance offers better experience and overview. On the other hand, at chamber and jazz concerts small distance and seats in the front rows promise more intensive experience.

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